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from zaziel :
Was that a kiss or a laugh? I interpret it as a kiss, and return it upon your sweet brow. I hope you will be writing more often, said the pot to the kettle.
from waterstain :
i sure hope you're not dead or anything ridiculous like that.
from paulmx :
T� spanglish me da dolor de cabeza, pero est� bonito tu diario, :)
from snowgoose :
Regresa a noiiiiiiiiiiii, no digas que todo acab�ooooooooooooooooo, regresa a noi por favooooooooor
from snowgoose :
�Castigada? Please come back. Love, Snowgoose. Snowgoose is in missing of you, Castigada. Love, Snowgoose. :O) <3
from trinity63 :
Hey are you okay?
from midnighthope :
i just wanna know if roger kidnapped you or something. it has been a long time and mostly you should come back! love and noodles.
from gabriela83 :
Hola, encontr� tu diario en el profile de sooner, todo lo que he le�do me encanta hasta ahora! Regresar� pronto :0)
from catsnapples :
Me llamo catsnapples. Soy una miestra de los ninos de primer grado. I just found your note in la-the-sage's guest book and noticed you were able to put the squiggle over the n. How is that done on a keyboard? I am such a computer dumie..please tell me how. or [email protected] Muchisimas gracias
from autumnal :
pathos & dos passos
from snowgoose :
Castigada, please come back! Love, Snowgoose
from throcky :
Feliz Navidad. I am amazed that you call me venerable, and gratified. I assume that you refer to my age, however. Je suis tres old maintenant. Je visite ma mere dans l'etat exotique d'Illinois. Happy Bonne Annee. Je voudrais ecrire a vous a Espagnol maid je prefer la francais. Salut! Throcky
from analucia :
i love your diary and im looking forward to excerpts from your novel
from soulfully :
Luz Morales - thanks for the smiles..
from damfest :
If Teresita had gotten pregnant by E.T., then I might have slipped it in. Otherwise, I mentioned her today.
from damfest :
I hope you don't mind that I referenced your writing today. I made sure to give you credit for it.
from damfest :
I've been reading your stuff for a few weeks now and I'm quite impressed. I love how you mix spanish and english together and still make your writing coherent. Above all, I absolutely agree with your entry concerning Spielberg (that overrated putz). Keep up the good work! Es muy bueno!
from autumnal :
as always a brilliant execution in your unique languagese, and entertaining to boot.
from floor-corn :
Thanks for the note! My brain looks forward to entertaining you...
from inarticulate :
Hey chica. You need to fix your older entries file. You gotta read the news: It's not hard to fix. Meanwhile, the other day I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to track down a graphic of La Victoria, as depicted on the mural at La Cumbre, to make a banner for you. Not that I am ANY good at this stuff. Why do I bother? I still can't figure out how to make a diaryring button for my new diaryring. Anyway, no luck so far but maybe I'll just GO there one of these days and take a picture of it.
from autumnal :
i have your dilemna. i am put on and taken off people's fave lists everyday. Interesting. Was it soemthing I said? ha!
from superbri :
hello castigada! thank you for leaving me a note!! i'm returning the honor! i love your diary, and your sense of humor... and i'm glad you like pride and prejudice too!
from jcruelty :
he pensado en the issue of banners tambien. quiero popularity pero tengo verguenza porque it's so... i mean is diaryland my LIFE or es MI VIDA MI VIDA? i can't do the lapsing in & out of espanol as well as you. y mi espanol es muy feo. que tenga un buen dia.
from hodgson :
Well it is!
from hodgson :
Mine is not a fictive diary. I am offended!
from foxchild :
you've been on my "diaries i read" list for a long time, and now (at your behest) i've added you to my "favorite diaries" list. and don't worry, i'm not a fickle lister; you'll be on there for a long, long time.
from waffler :
Hey, about your "letter to andrew" . . . serial delisters, and such. . .You know, being on my favorites list doesn't mean much. Yes, I actually read yours, but a lot of the people I have on my faves list, I don't read. Some diaries are even dead, and I don't know it. And a lot of diaries I do read a lot, I don't even have on my favorites. If it were easier to add/delete faves, maybe I would, but as it is, it's too much of a hassle. Oh and btw, you keep a great diary. =)
from tpicasso :
oh... and i like how la virgen de guadalupe <i>almost</i> matches the background.
from tpicasso :
just a note to let you know that your banner works... i really like your diary... the spanglish is great and its very well written. i cant dig the political stuff though... oh well cant have everything.
from troilus :
'Castigada'? Why are you being punished, who is punishing you, what does your punishment consist of and when will it end? (Questions courtesy of an italianate atheist)
from autumnal :
mi biento you like i like si si i was so crushing on two espana boys in 1999...i want a boy to habla some dirty espanol to me...
from rheasilvia :
Me gusta el Espa�ol tambi�n, y tu diario
from jcruelty :
desafortunamente he olvidado casi todo mi espanol. pero recuerdo basta... o why am i even engaging in this farce! i am a sorry excuse for a language student. if only i'd had a few more months in sudoamerica, tal vez things would have been different. anyway i like you too. que tenga un buen dia
from abendbrot :
Hey there--mi habla no espanol (probably wrong, anyway). but I just stumbled upon your page today, and wanted to say...Chakotay is native american, sort of. He's from another planet. I think he's similar to a native american, in any case, with the traditions and his akoona, etc. (btw, i love star trek voyager. ciao, stacey
from autumnal :
im adding you. and i mean it. i just discovered you (via your banner which appeared after mine did *ah the thrill*) and i am hooked on your spanglish and your interesting prose. teach me some words en espanol? je parle seulment en peu de francais et en englais. but i have been to mexico.
from waterlily :
�Con mucho gusto!
from in-my-life :
The chicken was good but the endless salad bowl and new house cabernet were even better. (Oh wait, you weren't supposed to know that I actually go there on occassion.)
from puppett :
The Senor chatty entry made me laugh lots! I dont speak spanish but the mix is great! I shall be adding you to my favourites!
from isoling :
ok the layout's changed so there should be no problems. :)
from isoling :
!hola! quizas no puedes ver mi diario porque es nuevo - tengo solo tres o cuatro dias de escribir. trata to click on "archive"... tambien ve a soy yo. !gracias!
from boofkadinky :
muy goodness! i love this! i shall return again and again and not just to polish my fake spanish... may the gods of frequent fontage smile upon ye...kind regards, boofka..queen of australia
from espagnola71 :
Vuelve, a casa vueeelve... (supongo que eso no se entender� si nunca se ha visto el anuncio de turrones "El Almendro"...)
from peth :
We will be waiting here for you when you return. I will keep el Sooner ocupado avec bendy-straws and gum.
from ciel-de-noir :
Ah, interesting journal. I thoroughly enjoy your mixing of languages.
from sooner :
Oh, do hurry back.
from sooner :
Oh, wonderous magical Castigada. In true legal fashion I hereby authroize the use of my favorite image of Chante Mallard in any way you see fit. This license is offered without condition. `
from arielle-envy :
I love your diary, but I also like gordita's, and chalupa's. Oh, my affections are torn!! Damned love triangle! Ahh well, atleast there's always room for jello.
from shuck :
mi madre siempre dijo, "turn off the computer during a storm" porque... creo que the storm can shut down the computer and cause some damage? i don't know. i tried.
from balddragon :
Oye, me encanto tu Diary! I was casually surfing thru some of them, and found yours upon others to be one of the best... can I add you to my lista? I took your advice and cruised over to (a legend very few of my friends are familiar with) and instantly it put me in touch with so much of my missing culture. I love it! Gracias! I'm gonna add you to my list of favorites! -George
from briteblue :
I love your diary! I think you're writing style is great and I love how you use spanglish! I'm definitely adding you to my favs :)
from sooner :
oh Castigada! I so love your wonderful diary. Do you have any gum?
from analucia :
me encanta your diary!
from sooner :
Yes, it's true. I wasn't thinking about our Lord's pain and suffering very much. It's just that this whole anual rememberance thing is so very inconvienient. I mean, do we have to relive this thing every year?
from girl101 :
spanish brought me here. cheers, una amiga quizas?
from riatsala :
Sympathy, sweetie darling. I've chewed through enough shoe to be completely silent in front of anybody I ever want to impress. Strangely, this doesn't work either. Sigh.
from derringdo :
Baptist: feast when we want to, but no drinking or dancing Catholic: rules about feasting, lots of guilt, but go ahead and drink, but not during lent (even mass is OK), oh, and hey, you can pray to Jesus' mom .... That's why we had an early Easter feast. How do I become a Catholic?
from coolassaward :
When's the last time you got an "AWARD" for being you? Do you like your ego stroked? Do you like stroking other people's ego? We all need a good stroking now and then. Have you ever gone to a diary and what the diarist wrote brightened up your day? Or really made you think? Have you ever wanted to let that person know what thier writing and diary meant to you? Well Cool Chicks is the place for you. I know your like what the hell is Cool Chicks? Or maybe you already know what a Cool Ass Chick you are. Well good! But isn't it time to let the world know about your Cool Chickiness?
from kjtorres :
I'm so glad you liked the layout. Let me know if you need the HTML code. I can also put together a template for your "older" page as well as something for your individual older entries. No wishlist for me, I'm just glad you liked it. It was a good diversion for me this morning.
from lulutrix :
�Est�s en Van Nuys? We should totally go get a drink one of these days! (That's as Spanglish as I can get; I still fear my father will rain down from the sky and break me in two while shouting, "�Qu� es eso???? Hable ingles o hable espa�ol!!!!!!!!")
from dwell :
wow. that's some funny shit. all of, ut especially the story about your brother and your landlord. i think i'm gonna be laughing all day.
from itrymybest :
thanks for the note. cheering up has been happening. also, i saw your ad banner today . . . thought you'd be glad to hear that it's running.
from espagnola71 :
Tu diario es tan totalmente from lost to the river que me tiene completely enganchad�sima!!! Creo que alg�n d�a intentar� to write justo como t�, pero mezclando also ein bisschen Deutsch, a little italiano y el poquito catal� que parlo, a ver qu� sale!!!!
from itrymybest :
Your diary was recommended to me by a reader of inarticulate, and it's *great*. Thank you for making me laugh today.
from pollypeptide :
Never-freakin'-mind. I was trying to link to my diary. Just go. Please?
from pollypeptide :
Erm... I did that wrong... Shakira devotee
from pollypeptide :
Heh... you want Shakira devotees? Well, look no further, my friend... I've got your Shakira devotee right here! That is all, that is all. besos, ~rachel~
from sadeyes85 :
shakira devotees...hmm...i kinda like that. it's different. so what were you researchin?? thanx for the compliment.
from inarticulate :
Don't worry about people delisting you from their favorites. It happens to me all the time. Really. In this case it looks like she just deleted her whole profile, so you can't take it personally. Some people get going with a diary and then somebody finds it, somebody they didn't want to find it, and they freak and lock up the diary (which now becomes an annoying hassle to use). This distinguishes the professional exhibitionist from the amateur. The pro has the same experience, grits her teeth, and gets through it.
from inarticulate :
Ooh, look, it was even worse than I thought: Reports say Turner, founder of CNN, stunned CNN employees in the network's Washington bureau on Ash Wednesday when he spotted ashes on the forehead of some workers and said, "What are you? A bunch of Jesus freaks? You ought to be working for Fox."
from inarticulate :
So I was writing you this whole long thing about Taco Bell the other day and my computer crashed. You should get a guestbook anyway. Or at least put up a link to the notes page for people who can't figure out how to get there. Speaking of Jane Fonda (no pain, no gain), wasn't it Ted Turner who got busted for insensitivity after he told some staff members to go wash their faces on Ash Wednesday or something like that? I forget exactly how it went.
from inarticulate :
Hey chica. Just taking a break from reading The Education of Little Tree to catch up on your diary. I can't get enough. I'll let you know if I see your banner. If Andrew doesn't run it soon, remind him. He forgot to run my last one, too. xoxo.
from citlalli31 :
okay so on this night when i was struck with insomnia and didn't want to write some stuff for school, i clicked the random letter on the mexicano diary ring and wound up here. your diary rocks. me entreteni i almost laughed out loud and woke up my roommates. i'll be back for more later. oh yeah, you are now one of my official preferidas.
from givenocredit :
st christopher got chopped? how rude. he's the only religious thing i believe in. what to do, what to do? i'm not giving up on him. i'm going to keep my medallion. after all, it's kept me out of trouble so far. or is it like using an anti shark spray in the desert? hmm. what are they going to chop out next? christmas?? or just move it to a bigger gap in the calender?
from bratz :
hey girl whats up? stumbled across here through the mexicano diaryring... so now i'm all curious as to what the new milk commercial is ur talkin bout? I haven't seen it yet :( anyway i like ur journal.. it reads very well & i'll be sure to check back in! ^_~
from inarticulate :
I could send you a digipic if you wanna check 'em out.
from inarticulate :
Re: the jeans---they're still sitting on my shelf. They were indeed too small for my friend. Why, will they fit you?
from inarticulate :
Not sure it's entirely prudent to rule out urination. Anyone who faints as a result of pretzel-eating is capable of pissing himself while watching a sitcom.

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