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from smedindy :
Hey, thanks for the add!
from wildrosie :
Being that I am mentally not really here, I somehow missed you adding me! I was reading your profile, and was struck by how many similarities we have. I love the line from Mame "Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!" Not to mention how many times I have watched Sense and Sensibility. And then there is Rita Mae Brown...from Rubyfruit Jungle, which I read in my teens, to her Mrs Murphy mystery series (of which I have every book!) Hope you start writing again, and if you want the password to my private diary, DryHeat, just send me a note back. ~Rosie~
from wistful-blue :
*GASP* Fuzzmom's (possible) return?!!! How did I not know about this? -cat (formerly of cats-corner)
from stepfordtart :
Hi! Thanks for adding me, very much appreciated. Horrified to think you may have joined me at the wrong end when I was writing about porn, instead of in the middle when i was waxing lyrical about my kids and all my suburban joys (!). Ah well. s x
from zen-grae :
come back, come back! i just read your entire archives and the letter you wrote to your uterus has got to be the funniest entry i've ever read on are brilliant! and did i say "come back!!" ~zen
from sparkspark :
Ditto: I'd love it if you came back! XO Violet
from virlomi :
Ooh ooh, please do come back.
from bluemeany :
Hey, thanks for adding me! I hope you do start updating again, because I was reading some of your older stuff, and it made me snort. With laughter, not nasal congestion. Just to clarify.
from pandionna :
The password info is at the pond.
from chickpea981 :
She lives!!!!!!!!!!!
from allegedwife :
thanks for letting me know.....333 pages on my site meter kinda freaked me :)
from cats-corner :
If you come back and if you're still interested in reading the crap I pour out on occassion, I've moved to a new diary called "loner-blues." Not nearly as depressing as it sounds. -cat
from quietflames :
I finally get back on and you're gone! Thanks for leaving me gbook loving. Email me if you have time. [email protected].
from h2ophobic :
Happy 2005! I just wanted to leave a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your entries. I hope the coming year brings you joy & peace (and a uterus that behaves itself!)
from moviegrrl :
helloooooo!!!! I'm ba-ack. Well sort of. I deleted my AIM cos I never used it, ad ow I'm regretting it becasue we've not spoken in an AGE!!!! there's stuff going on here - there's always stuff. BUT i'm annoyed I wasn't around when you got the boob results back, because I really was worried, tehn then selfish life took over. Miss you {{{hugs}}}
from forty-plus :
Excellent "naked" banner!
from ramble-on :
Always a bonus to be added to someone's list =0) Makes me kind of giddy! Thank you!!!
from forty-plus :
Thank you for joining the Singing In The Car diary ring!
from forty-plus :
Dear Fuzzmom, I think I recall you stating something about only washing your hair with creme rinse. Have I lost my mind? I have tried this for the last few days and I do not think it is working for me! Help!
from forty-plus :
A happy Thanksgiving Day {{Hug}} to you! I hope you have a peaceful and wonderful day with your loved ones. :)
from boxx9000 :
Thanks for the note. I definitely think if there is anything my EX and his family can get out of paying they will. Do I want to prolong this marriage even one more day? NO!
from deepblue3 :
Good thoughts your way. *hugs*
from cosmicrayola :
Haha, I took the quiz "F is for Fanny, sucked dry by a leech"
from gnomad :
Thank you for the add! After wandering through your pages for a bit, I delightedly added you as well. I love your stuff! *big hug* And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Lumpy, too. Let us know what happens, eh?
from ilmomof3 :
Damn, you're right! It WAS Hamlet. Now I have to go hang my Brit-Lit loving head in shame...
from fluidlife :
Well of course I don't mind if you add me. I'm happy to have new readers. Welcome. I'll check your diary out soon as well.
from chelonia :
Thank you, friend.
from ibmegin :
thank you for being so kind, and I have no idea what your talking about in your entry lol! I wish i could help. thanks for leaving me a note! ttyl. -megs
from forty-plus :
I'll be okay (it's just the pain thing), thanks for asking! xx, Yvonne
from moviegrrl :
gggggRRRRRRRRRrrrr - ok, so we've not chatted for a while but I didnn't realise you were back HERE goddamit. I've just had to do a major trawl through your back archives to see what I've been missing! Grr! Arg! Back on the favourites you go, wench! (you can tell I've been missing you, yes???)
from cats-corner :
Thank you so much for adding me to your favorites list. -cat
from girlinshadow :
No, I don't mind at all! I'm incredibly flattered that you like my diary enough to add it to your favorites. So-charming is always mentioning you in her diary and I keep meaning to stop by. Damn "life" for getting in my way! :-) -Shadow
from deepblue3 :
Thank you for your concern - it did not go unnoticed. I'm feeling a lot better now, so no worries. *hugs*
from forty-plus :
P.S. Thanks for joining the January ring! What day is your birthday?
from forty-plus :
I made a new Pink Bracelet button, if you want to take a peek -
from cosmicrayola :
((((Tooth-fairy-vibes)))) Those are all extra special vibes for hubby! The two worst pains in the world are a toothache and an earache. Hope he gets well soon.
from xnavygrrl :
Hi, My name is missy, and I'm adding you as a favorite.
from deepblue3 :
You have The Sims 2, and I am jealous. That's all.
from shortst101 :
I'll glad accept a hug from a stranger. Hugs are greatly needed. Thank you very much.
from sassyfras :
Hiya. Found you through my technogoddess Treesssa. Had a great time reading ya. Had to add you as a fave or I would forget and be pissed later because I couldn't remember how I found you or who it was I was reading that killed a spider then gave Night of the Living Dead as a movie recommendation. Can't wait to read more!
from inkdragon :
I just read your comment at Trin's site. What a riot you are! Poor Thomas, he never had a chance.
from trinity63 :
Hey now, I was getting around to telling you:) Honest! I have been too hooked on SIMS!
from pandionna :
My Dan Sim is still in a Hawaiian shirt. Maybe I'll pretend they live in the tropics. Nah. Then I'll have to destroy the whole neighborhood. (I'm going to hell for that, I know.)
from anniesmeadow :
hiya! **waves** i put you up on my list of favorites. hope it ok. you are a good read!
from retailharlot :
Dude, Hank Williams is NOT in Branson. Think Charley Pride! Oooh, and Mel Tillis. Oh yes, twangy country goodness. Heh. Kidding.
from ilmomof3 :
I feel so much better now, thanks! I mean, if anyone should burn in hell, it should be a witch right? Except wait... I don't believe in hell. HA!
from treesssa :
You farted? Cool! I never made anyone fart before...well except that time i made green bean casserole for Easter dinner...uh...nevermind.
from inkdragon :
(of a) Silly me.
from inkdragon :
His comment was actually only a tiny portion of his entry. Guess I twisted his knickers a bit. I've been in deep thought as to whether I should ignore that comment or have myself a piece or two little boy on a silver platter.
from sarkasmo :
Thanks for adding me to your favorites - I'm returning the favor so I can keep up with your rants!
from cornflake1 :
Thank you for adding me! I had a weird sense of deja vu reading your diary... then I realised you used to be on my favourites list under another username, until you had to stop writing there. I couldn't follow you to your new site, not knowing where it was. Anyway, great to have found you again - back on my profile you go! :)
from skibigsky :
I LOVE Time Enough for Love! And that's why I was so happy to get a little more 'insight' into his visit to his mother in 'Tosail beyond the sunset'. Lazarus is such a stud! ;-) I need to unpack my books and dig out all of my Heinlein (of course, I didn't organize anything before I packed, so it's scattered through about 50 different boxes...)
from kelsi :
Of COURSE Angelina Johnson is from Harry Potter. I can't believe I didn't recognize the name. But I am slow. Thanks for reminding me! :)
from skibigsky :
Naw. Not dissin' the Heinlein at all! I was just nearing the end, and, erm, given the, uh, GI problems I was experiencing last night, I just needed a little, ah, MORE reading... (Yeah, TMI, but I've got to defend my love of good old incest-loving Robert A.!) ;-)
from mugwhump :
Thanks for adding me to your favourites. I'm honoured. I hope I live up to any expectations. Thanks also for your "comment" - I was having a witting writing day. I am now sans cast, and back to basic flip-flops!! Cheers - LJ
from retailharlot :
Wow. Total warm fuzzies and stuff. Thank you thank you thank you!
from retailharlot :
No more arrogant than any other reader, really. When we read books, the characters and scenarios become our own. Even when we don't go the fanfic route, we still get passionately involved, resenting perceived bastardizations of our favorites (as evidenced by legions of angry LOTR fans). Ridiculously enough, I used to feel similarly about VC Andrews books -- they made a few horrible movie versions, then a ghostwriter took over after she died, and I was royally pissed. I should have been that ghostwriter, dammit! :)
from retailharlot :
Wow. Really. I'm not offended at all, and really appreciate the thought. I'm enjoying random entries from your archives, though I've got to ask: did the Harry Potter interest begin with the books or the movies?
from chickpea981 :
meh. don't worry abotu mixing up the stores. I hate VS simply because they don't carry anythign smaller than large and their large is a normal woman's small. I'm clearly a BBW not a twig, so I go to LB instead! You need to hook me up with a screen name or something... I bet you'd be a blast to talk to online.
from chickpea981 :
from razor-vixen :
I am favoriting you right back, not because you did me, but because I have been reading your archives & have been sucked into the fuzzmom world!
from radiogurl :
*Hugs* I'm sorry you're having a crummy day. If you were close enough, I'd share some low-carb chocolate ice cream with you and commiserate. As it is you'll have to take my cyber hugs and my wishes that things will improve for you soon.
from plopphizz :
Hi again, it is Phizz. I wrote a survey recently and I want to hear from my readers. Please check it out, forever in your debt, P.P. (I really gotta come up with some new signature closers).
from chickpea981 :
at least you have something to help you out - mine is dead! and you have a husband to play with later. So suffer through a fe whours of horniness. Muahahahahahahaha!
from radiogurl :
Awww - Mr. Malfoy looks lucious, doesn't he? Happy birthday to the object of your distant affections. Yummy entry! And thank you on the compliment. I still think I'm ugly but at 46 I have virtually no wrinkles at all, not even crows' feet, so could be worse :)
from la-the-sage :
While you're whooping it up, I'll be grinning that at 41 I have waaaaaaaaaaay fewer wrinkles and crow's feet than your cinematic beloved. Hey, I takes my uppers wheres I can find 'em. ~LA
from plopphizz :
Hi FuzzMom, love the name and the layout. I hope by "sick" you mean dangerously insane -- because I can't deal with vomit. Luv -- P.P.
from radiogurl :
Hahaha, I got the same test result you did on the badger thing. I will take the 'hardworking' moniker, thank you, though. seems like work is all I EVER do!
from radiogurl :
Hahaha, I got the same test result you did on the badger thing. I will take the 'hardworking' moniker, thank you, though. seems like work is all I EVER do!
from ilmomof3 :
Ditto on Flames & Moonlight. I wanted to let you know I've been reading it and I LOVE it. Wish I had enough ink to print it out too! As for the monumental stupidity of Dubya... well, not much surprises me anymore.
from snarkypants :
Have to say, fuzzmom, that "Flames and Moonlight" is some of the sexiest writing EVER, published or unpublished. You, my dear, should be in print. And I would love to print out "F&M" to take it on vacation with me, but I can't afford that much ink! 8-)
from radiogurl :
Helloooo - are you too wrapped up in writing offline to drop us a few crumbs here? Your readers are in dire need of new goodies from your talented pen... er, fingers!
from inkdragon :
Happy Mother's Day!
from moviegrrl : user:alexandra password:cassiel This message will self destruct in 15 seconds....
from d-00-d :
Im really starting to hate this ex wife lady .. seriously. im not old enough to "experience" the ex wife being a bitch syndrom... but i understand it.. if i said my two cents in here. i would say tell her off. becuase other then be a pain in the ass. she couldnt do much more. well. i dont know. again. agelessness.. lol. anyway i hope everything gets better for you. and well. yeah. luv ya! D
from radiogurl :
You're not a monster. You're one of those lucky women who married a good guy, and he's lucky enough that you're interested in his well-being. I agree with one of the notes to the effect that the kids do need to know that the reason they don't see their dad as much is because he's working - but still say don't let the ex run roughshod over your marriage. You deserve better and from the sounds of it, so does your husband!
from radiogurl :
I know precisely what you mean. I write professionally, just not in print format (I work in broadcast news). It's absolutely my dream to be a published author and I'm working toward that end. I'm fortunate - I have friends and family cheering me on *and* providing me leads on work in that area. I wish you luck if you wish me the same! If my leads pan out I'll email you if you like, just let me know ;)
from radiogurl :
*Hugs* Hang in there about the Atkins - I'm convinced. Went to the doctor's office today, have lost 32lb in two weeks. Stalling happens - don't let it get to you. I don't intend to monitor that closely because 1) I don't have time and 2) I know from my clothes that I'm losing, and I honestly don't *feel* smaller. Even with that much weight loss over two weeks. ;) So if you don't lose for a couple of weeks, hang in there - it will still happen!
from purplecigar :
Thanks very much for adding me to your favorites. Thanks for the shout out in your profile as well!
from pandionna :
Heh, that little 'mingo. Looks like he's standing with his hands on his hips as though to say, "WELL then. HMPH."
from saladwhore :
I'm number 75, I'm number 75! *does a crazy awkward dance and falls down* Wheeeeeeeeeeee! *spinning in circles* *THUNK* (passed out)
from pandionna :
Yeah, birds are a little bit easier to clean up after. It's not even really...fecal. In fact, you may just have inspired an entry. I hope you feel better soon!
from cosmicrayola :
The are Vita's. if you don't have any around you. Here, they come in pask of 8 or 10 for $3.79. They are really good. I have tried the Garlic & Herb so far, but there are others like whole wheat too. the 5 carb ones are about 7 inches. THe 9-10 inch ones have 10. But if you fill it with chicken, lettuce and mayo, you are still only at 9 carbs for a whole meal!
from la-the-sage :
YAY! No beige walls! The fabric is lovely. And I wouldn't dream I could boss an in-charge chick like you! LOL! Delighted things are so good domestically, it all its variants! ~LA
from captvfirefly :
Unless I missed something, isn't this YOUR diary? :) I say if you have something to talk about, something you really want to talk about, do it. Course, I'm a new reader (and probably missed something), so I don't know how "strange" you could be, but I'm guessing I wouldn't be offended (especially since it's a diary where you can talk about whatever you want). Oh, and you'll have to tell me what you think of the Windsor Pilates workout when you do it! I've been doing the 20 minute workout (I haven't graduated to the 47 minute "advanced" DVD yet - partially because 47 minutes is a long time to feel like an uncoordinated, retarded pretzel). I was going to try to do it every day, but my ass muscles were killing me. I do the modified version of all the moves because the layer of fat around me doesn't let my body move the way the svelte chicks on the tape do. lol But, at least I can feel it working. Ok, sorry about the novel in your notes. :)
from chickpea981 :
Oh you BITCH! I had just gotten that damn song out of my head and now you've put it in mine! You are evil incarnate! I saw the video quite by accident and was torn between a strong desire to throw a brick through my TV and an equally strong desire to shake my ass a lot. *kisses*
from virlomi :
you took me off your buddy list :( what did i do? lol
from pandionna :
AAAAAHHHH! That picture! P.S. You unlocked? It didn't ask me for a password this time.
from captvfirefly :
Just thought I'd let you know that it was me who just read a bunch of your pages. :) I knew you had this diary (since you added me from that diary), but it was locked the last time I checked. Anyway, I just wanted to be courteous and let you know that I'm not stalking you. :)
from chickpea981 :
There are always two sides to every story, but if they want to charge her with that, then clerly she fucked up somewhere. Anyway I wasn't going to comment on that. I wanted to be selfish and say "Hey fuzzy darling, come see what I did with your layout and tell me if I need to give you more credit than that." Do you approve?
from pandionna :
I agree with the gorgeous redhead in the previous note.
from rdhdprincess :
I agree. I, personally would have had the c-section to save the baby's life, but I think that you should damn sure be able to make your own medical decisions. (without being punished) I also wonder how much the doctor's cared. Did they take the time to ease any fears of surgery and talk to her about the procedure incase she was afraid? I think it's a very sad thing for all of us.
from chickpea981 :
I only wish I was that cool, but its actually a song by Mary Prankster (local to the DC/Baltimore area) and she is the coolest chick alive. I suggest Mac & Cheese, The world is full of bastards, Tits and whiskey, and Mercy Fuck But PLEASE make me a layout with "lets break out the tits and whiskey" that would make you the officially rockingest person alive!
from cosmicrayola :
I lost your password!! help!!
from rdhdprincess :
I was going to say that the pearly idea sounds great, but now that I read La's comment, that sounds better! Pretty painting, by the way.
from la-the-sage :
As a hater of 'neutral' walls, I object to beige. Go a bit darker into a pale toffee or any of the umber/amber tones on Pandora's rock. Don't give me a face, just TRY it. Buy a pint, slap a test patch of it on the wall and live with it for a couple days. You'll see. ~LA
from rdhdprincess :
Yay! Go have that pedicure and don't be anxious, just enjoy it! Believe me, those women have seen alot worse feet than yours could be and think nothing of it! Really! Pampering doesn't work it you don't enjoy it. And makeup and moisturizer, good for you! I hope you have a great time. I agree with your reward system, too. It is a little weird to reward good choices with bad ones. I adore your layout, by the way! Thanks for the note. I must go read archives now and get all caught up!
from la-the-sage :
There comes a time in every woman's life when female things suddenly appeal. Have fun! Q: Don't you ever get tired of bearing all the weight for all the thinking and deciding? Being a naturally dominant sort I instinctively take charge, but it seems like I am in charge of everything whether I want to be or not. Don't you ever want someone to take care of you without you having to tell them how and when and where and how much and ...? ~LA
from la-the-sage :
I wish you every sort of luck you want, but doubt it's needed. A fab-oo smart chick like you makes her own luck with her brains, talent, hard work, and imagination. ~LA
from la-the-sage :
I could give Nader such a pinch! And anyone who votes for him. Damn vote syphoning spoiler. ~LA
from chickpea981 :
Aww come on now... who didn't expect Nader to stick his idiot nose in the mix? It's people like my idiot brother who keep the independent party alive! I agree with you though. Fucking moron is a great term.
from pandionna :
Miss Manners says you are well within your rights to hope for a thank you. You're also well within your rights not to donate to any person or place who has not thanked you for your gift. If nothing else, the moment of acknowledging said gift, say, with a receipt, presents the perfect opportunity for the recipient to thank the giver. Anything else is ungrateful, and how charitable can someone that ungrateful really be?
from la-the-sage :
I'm reasonably sure this isn't me you are speaking of, but am having doubts. Reason of any sort is not my forte these days. You are talking about people who don't say thanks when they get the nice card saying,"$50 was donated to Charities-R-Us in your name by Fuzz." Right? Love, ~Muddled
from virlomi :
aww, you locked your diary. :(
from pandionna :
Oh yes. I know *exactly* how you feel. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs to you.
from cosmicrayola :
((hug)) Don't feel bad for being happy. He would want that for you, wouldn't he? Of course.
from la-the-sage :
My condolences on this sad anniversary. ~LA
from la-the-sage :
Finally! Password stuff is bad mojo for me and locks me out every time. RAW asparagus? I've used raw asparagus as tent stakes. Silly, silly Fuzz. thanks for the tip about keeping my potential chin lawn tidy. I get my brows waxed and that's bad enough. Upper lip must hurt like mad. And Brazillian bikini wax? Sick. Serious pain freaks. But should the Sage face start hairing up I think I'll be getting over my horror of wax. ~LA
from juniperhexum :
Don't want you to freak out when you see this note or notes from this username in the future. Just an FYI: you know me better as chickpea981
from pilgrim-road :
Eep. I hope you're locked just because you're putting up a new design?
from inkdragon :
Phew! Due to my oversight to change you to you in a more timely fashion, I had a few entries to catch up on. I am SO glad your mom's okay! Puppy pooh never bothers me. I've helped at a kennel, when the owner was away, and had over 30 puppies from newborn (easy clean, mom's still doing most of it) to waiting for their new owners to come pick them up (berry, berry nasty). I'd rather clean pup pooh than kid pooh. I always loved my kids, but was I ever happy the day they were both potty trained. Good day Sweet Lady!
from moviegrrl :
Do I need to stomp on people? Because you know I'd do it for you....
from moviegrrl :
{{{HUGS}}} Being that far away, well I think we all know it's a kicker. Be assured I'm thinking of all of you and sending as many positive vibes as I can.
from marsist :
me too, me too! I'd like to read your diary but would need the password... thanks for linking to me! [email protected]
from moviegrrl :
like inky said - password would be nice...
from inkdragon :
I see you've added me to your buddies, but you're locked and I'd love to read you also. Hope you'll let me in and that everything is alright with you (locked up)!
from moviegrrl :
see this? this is my confused face...what gives chickie?
from smellyfinger :
Ahhh, the smell of a freshly tamed rhino.
from starinajar :
haha... is the lady [man?] in front of bella CLAPPING?!
from blue-candy-b :
I really enjoy reading your diary. I was wondering how you put an excerpt of your hotmail in your diary, like how you put the picture there of your unread messages. Could you drop me a note and let me know? I'd be very greatful. Thanks so much.
from jasmine-s :
Hey there :) i enjoy reading your diary very much and i hope it's ok that i've added you on my favorites list. kind regards, jasmine.
from zerom3ph :
laundry, scourge of the seven seas in a high Tide of dirty sock flotsem.
from marn :
Man, spectral spam. I am *beyond* jealous, eh.
from twobeerkitty :
hiya, fuzzmom! i've been reading your diary and just checked out your spiritual d/s web page. i've known for about 5 years that i'm a submissive, and everything you said in your essay about "what is a submissive?" is so right on target about me. i have a lot of weird feelings about being submissive because i am relatively young (21) and have nobody to relate to when it comes to being submissive, but a lot of what you wrote made me feel very comforted. it made me know i'm not alone in my submissive state of mind. :) it's really rough for me because i'm a college student who's been dating a guy whom i love for 9 months. people here aren't into d/s (and would find me totally weird if i talked about it), and my boyfriend and i can be wild and kinky together but he doesn't *dominate* me. i constantly want to submit to him and want to give myself to him and want to please him in every way, but i don't know if he'd even understand--and i'm too scared to ask. i sense that there's things i do (or want to do) and feelings i have that he doesn't understand. it's so hard for me here, because i feel like everyone in the d/s scene is a lot older than i am, and that college is the wrong atmosphere for anyone who has some major aspect of their lives that doesn't conform to social norms. i think you're the luckiest woman in the world because you're so satisfied with your master and you feel so fulfilled in your relationship. thank you for writing such interesting essays that help me feel less weird and alone. :) --estella
from paw4awhile :
Hi This slave read your log. It is good to see others who share in the lifestyle. I am the 24/7 TPE slave of Master Wheelie aka mstwheelie Please feel free to visit this slave at This slave also runs a number of lifestyle based diaryland web rings which might be of interest to you. You can see these at
from squirrelcode :
AUGH!!! I am dying without my FUZZMOM updates! I know you are busy, but PLEASE, PLEASE try and visit us :(
from natashka :
damn. the least they could have done is get a gift certificate to lane bryant. i bought some bras there at xmastime and they make me look really nice and they're pretty ... and in very good taste. i don't shop at VS anymore because i got too big, but both stores are owned by the same company. it's a long shot, but maybe they'll honor a VS gift certificate at LB?
from firemaiden :
Hello Fuzzmom, i just wanted to say i enjoyed my visit and will be back to see whats going on... keep up the great writing...
from sadigani :
hey i like yuor philosophy. i love my sims too. come see my new baby :) thank u.
from gilneas :
I really enjoyed reading through a few of you entries.. your writing style is great, but you also right about things you feel very deeply and it shows. ;)
from lonelyowen :
About that Ruby Tuesday's entry... good job.
from red1019 :
I'm such a dope... I just realized that you're visiting your dad... I hope everything is well, or as well as it possibly can be. Just so you know, someone's thinking of you in this difficult time and wishing you all the best. Huggs.
from red1019 :
Just wondering how you were doing... you haven't been around in a few days or so... not trying to pry or bother (sometimes I can go a couple weeks without updating)... I just wanted to make sure everything was good in FuzzLand. Have a Great Day!!
from mommy2corrin :
Id like to take a look at your home page. Your link doesnt work on your site for some reason. Love your diary layout!!
from mentalscars :
It's odd the similarities between you and a significant other. I believe I shall continue reading. If not but for the simple fact of comparison, and to be assured of a hypothesis once made. . .::A light smile plays across her pale lips::
from missjackson :
Hey, thanks for listing me as a favorite! Can't wait to check out your stuff... �MJ
from bathtubmary :
Thank you for your lovely thoughts in my guestbook. I've spent way too long today reading your entries; to say you are an interesting person would be a grave understatement. You write so well, too! Glad you gave me a shout. I'll be back....
from autistic :
I like knowing there are non-stupids.
from jakerx :
I saw your message on UncleBob's message board, and I started reading your diary. You've made my afternoon!
from johnpowers :
I bet you'd hav better luck at a second hand store or a Salvation Army type of place.
from honestwriter :
Read your entry about meeting and marrying Glenn. I love your writing style, You tell a great story. I do not think you have a thing to feel guilty about
from oval-opal :
Wow your layout border is really beautiful. I like purple, yum.
from frenchpress :
hi there i enjoyed reading your diary...hope your visit goes well...and that's it.heart~frenchpress

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