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from deepest-blue :
Welcome back, love. The world has missed you.
from alonenafraid :
If I were to give you a banner to put on your diary for a couple of weeks, to help raise money for the victims of the Tsunami, would you be willing to put it up?
from mylovedies :
i like ur poem <3
from innerjewel :
Any one who loves Rufus Wainwright and Wizard of Oz is a buddy of mine!! You are too adorable!! ~Bernadette
from ihateshoes :
be sad not, for the sun sometimes rises despite the clouds and drizzly shit that seems to stands in its way. Ya know, I think that was a bit oof some great philosopher mixed with me. LOL any way, cheer up pal, the world wil occasionally put shit colored glasses on you in hopes of making you give up. You have great things to offer, everyone does. Have a good day! Oh! and I am adding you to my buddy's list thingy. I found you through a neighbor's, dogsitter's, friend's, thing. Lol, no your diary is just so cute. Anyway, once again have a great day ~Kyle~
from melis0413 :
Hey! Just was surfin' thru Diaryland, and saw you're from Otown...used to work for that rat, in Magic Kingdom. You sound adorable--what a fun person! Loved the diary, keep that green wig on-its hot ;-) Melissa
from godmoney :
which one is it? Chris or Rufus? Cuz i'll take the other...
from mania0270 :
hey sweetie, i just wanted to say that i love the diary :o) not really sure what else....but i'll be back
from adelphi :
I go to Boston University, and we just paid a guy $1.8 million severance pay for not even working a day...I know how you feel. ~Sarah (P.S. Your banner turned me on.)
from dotgirl :
your diary rocks. yeah, that's about all i have to say.
from onepinkrose :
I have just recently stumbled across your diary and I have added you to my read list. I hope you do not mind. I hope you have a good day or night depending on what time you recieve this note. *Hugs*
from zoombeanie :
Awww! That sucks. I know the feeling. I got my report card... Not pretty... And I wish i had 14 hours of sleep. I haven't slept in so long... Oh well, take care!
from zoombeanie :
I remember the Power Rangers!! I liked the pink one. I always wanted to be the pink ranger. I had a Halloween costume of the pink one and to this day I still have it. I miss those days...
from en-trance :
hehehe... cool diary... got here off the empas ring, cuz mr mcgreggor is just too sexxy! yum! and i have no problem with a room full of homosexuals, especialy since i am the token hetero in my house... lol... cheers!
from sexgod-king :
oh wow look at all the attention that banner gets you!!! cause here i am!!! of course it'd grab my attention, the dirty little homo fuck up that i am...nice pics!!! jesse
from ediblekitten :
the banner told me to.. it said "kim, you have to go here now" Sure it wasn't in the same words and it didn't actually say my name but I understood its Truer Meaning... also, to make a gross generalisation, all my other gay friends like this very much.
from red-savannah :
Here because of the banner. Who can resist a "Room full of...Homosexuals!"??? :)
from e-nymph :
I dropped in through your banner, what a great diary. :) best of luck with your novel.
from catinblack :
I clicked your banner, loved your template and kept reading. Nyquil IS the elixir of the Gods!
from hibiscus101 :
omg! can we share cause i think hes equally yummy!:p
from zoombeanie :
Hi hi! I saw one of your ads and you have an awsome diary. I love the layout.
from glamness :
This is SO pretty*~ -Jakie <3
from hibiscus101 :
Happy Halloween!
from airin1222 :
when i first read that i definately thought it was real n i was like holy shit that was freaky... i'm glad it didnt really happen
from xxboxcarxx :
Okay, firstr of all- I love your screenname. I thought I was being so unique using the sn "greenjellybean" at various message boards and then I come across THIS! An atrocity! But anyway. I think your layouts pretty hot. I love requiem for a dream. Thats about it. Ciou! <3 H*
from hibiscus101 :
it is insane how much you sound like a guy i met in college my freshman year. you two would be best buddies seriously. i just said best buddies. god. im leaving now.
from hibiscus101 :
god you want to travel alot. i got to your diary through alriah's profile. have yourself a good day and next time you hear them screwing around put on the tv the stereo and sing at the top of your lungs. see if she likes that better:)
from dumfuk69 :
I know how you feel... I'm tired of bein a loner too. I need someone too. It hurts and it pisses me off.
from beannachd :
{{Joey}} So sorry, sweet guy. ::hugs again::
from xevelle :
lol nice shallow entry there. gonna add you to my faves because i like your diary. will come back to read, so feel pressured.
from marsterslady :
9/17 -- great job on your biology exam. And? {{Joey}}
from marsterslady :
::kicks Joey's behind::
from mark-a-heart :
I'll put you to bed. xoxo
from xxemptyxx :
awesome song. awesome band. i love evanesence.. especially a song not on their cd, called anywhere. i hope all is well, much love and hugs <3 kk
from rentfreak82 :
OMG! Bianca is preggers??? YOU HAVE TO UPDATE ME! OH the whoes of working 9-5- WHO GOT HER PREGNANT??? PLEASE HELP!
from oobersugar :
PS: I LOVED hedwig and the angry inch, too!
from oobersugar :
hey! found my way here through your banner. I liked your 'goals' - you should definitely come to london, it's an absolutely fabulous city! take care, min xx
from l-a-i :
wow! i loved how open you are.:) keep it up
from linedblack :
Saw a banner, clicked and Wham! I'm reading your diary. Loved it! Simply delightful! Haha. No really. It tickled me.
from alonenafraid :
I'm out site promoting and thought I'd ask you if you would kindly check out the website that I"m an admin at. We have forums for Magick, Astrology, Poetry/short stories/song lyrics, Movies/Music, Videogames, UFOs, Religion, Philosophy, Ghosts, Mythology, and many others. If you're interested in any of them, just follow the link to Para-scape, and tell all your friends after you've signed up.
from dreamer9481 :
hey....i saw your banner and i had to read your diary.....will be coming back very good stuff...
from lostcause- :
Probably the same as most people...I was looking around, saw the banner, loved it, clicked it. Nice diary, definately adding you to my favorites and all. Keep writing! See ya! :)
from radiowire :
from vampiresybil :
i see you get this alot, but i saw your banner, clicked in and i liked what i saw! mind if i add you to my buddy list?
from faded-souls :
I nearly had a fit when I saw your banner..good stuff ;) and I like your writing! rock on!
from rentfreak82 :
Hey, I saw your banner- liked your reads- drop me a line :)
from pyt-05 :
Hey. Clicked your banner. Read your diary. Good stuff.
from xlxoxvxex :
i saw your banner and i decided id take a peek. I like it. Veryyy rad. PEEEAce
from randomsnark :
Hey! Love the diary!
from megl42 :
<3<3<3 Thanks hon for joining the Queer Eye ring :-D Loves!
from marsterslady :
Waahhh. :( Send me your new address, baby. I'll bake 'em for you all over again. Can't believe they took SO firetrucking long to get there. They'd have been disgusting and hard at this point anyway.
from godmoney :
if you marry rw and u want kids but don't want to adopt--let him impregnate melissa de la mer. there's no way the kid could NOT be drop-dead beautiful.
from marsterslady :
I want to hear about your dream, JILF. Creep me out. :)
from funda :
and on and on and on and on... keep it up.
from candora :
the world shrinks some more... I was popping through Orlando area diaries and laughed to realize that I've seen your banner (I think) before... and here I follow petey and I remember mentioning petey in an entry a while back... not that there's anything profound or life-altering in all this, but it inspired my smile :)
from peteypuke :
i get freaked out over the really personal entries, too. most of my freinds take a peek at my diary at one time or another. but honestly it is pretty liberating to just get it all out there sometimes. don't hold back - don't be a wuss - just write! enquiring minds want to know!
from mmcandyfloss :
i would soooo like to swap lives. heres mine: i have none. i think i am going to die of boredom. i havent found a cute guy in... months.. or something.. not since sam anyway, and nothing ever happens and i have nothing to do now that exams are done and dusted. aarrggh *goes mad* and ive always wanted to have a go at being a gay guy for a day, it'd be so cool. well, i dunno, judging by your diary, you dont think so... oh my god i sound so weird.. *blushes* sorry. im sure youre cute, everyone has something cute about them. i think the same thing, im not cute looking, but i think i can be quite cute personality wise. is that being too egoist? i have a big ego... (you can tell, i talk about myself waaay too much) anywhos, cheer up!!! at least you have a boyfriend... ^_^ byyeeee xxxxxxxx
from peteypuke :
quit being a crybaby. i happen to think you are a cutie pie. what with all the beauty sleep you get ...
from serena6184 :
i would have wanted to read the hidden entry
from invernal :
Hey! I remember you! I left you a note way back when as "bluelaser!" Okay, I sound like a geek at a high school reunion. Anyway, welcome to the Andrew from Buffy ring! Thanks for joining.
from peteypuke :
you sound more depressed than ME lately. maybe you are not getting enough sleep?
from djc360 :
i think it's great that we share things with "strangers" through d-land and get support and understanding that way. it's a nice way to express ourselves, i think, and to find a community where we can get away from the craziness of real life. but then again, i don't think d-land isn't real life... i see it as an extension of our lives. if i ever travel in the future, i'm sure i'll get to meet a lot of the people i've known over the years from d-land. i know the people who i read on d-land are very honest in their diaries, and that's more real than you get from most people in real life. take a break and enjoy the moment! i've managed to improve my life and my outlook so incredibly much during the past year. i think i understand myself more, and i'm allowing myself to understand myself more... i don't know if you've noticed the change :-S adios! i'm always reading you, take care!
from abacinate :
*throws you a ginormous pity party complete with penguins wearing sequined gowns*
from rulelover05 :
Hey i so kno how u feel. I feel like that all the time. I just wanna sleep thru my life. Cause i dont feel when im a sleep. And if i worked wit u, id throw u a pity party.
from aura-chic :
Leaving a note so you know who I am.. saw your banner... Hi:)
from spiquez :
Harlow saw ur ad on the site so just passed by... Peace out! :)
from sopathetic :
you know it's dangerous to have so many pictures of guys kissing on your diary. I don't know why but for some reason seeing guys kiss each other makes me very giddy and smily. I'm not homosexual or anything, but have absolutely no problem with it. but i just thought i'd share that with you. don't know why. but whatever. ciao.
from icesprite :
from dumfuk69 :
hmm.... sounds like you had one of "THOSE" days. don't worry everyone has them. tomorrow will be better. at least that's what I say when I'm trying to be an optimist. but really life sucks most of the time and you go through it every day hoping for it to get better, and then you die. anyway... umm.... I dunno. bye for now :)
from punkfairy64 :
*tear* That was a beautiful buffy entry. ::HUGS::
from djc360 :
let's not be sad that it's over, but glad that it happened :-) okay, i cried too, but still, they were happy/sad tears :-)
from megl42 :
Joey, thanks for joining the ring :) Tomorrow will be a sad sad day. I read the wildfeed and cried for a long time this morning. (Also, randomly, you need to change my comment on your profile. I update all the time now. You LIE!) Heh.
from peteypuke :
from abacinate :
How did you manage 3?! Just ate really fast?
from tsol :
Aww Cheer up mate. We all go a bit mad sometimes. Just try not to bite anyone.;) Frankie~
from peteypuke :
dude? - what the fuck? - where are you?
from tsol :
Hehe I feel ya dude on the Happy Easter thing from strangers and people ur not close to. Frankie~
from serena6184 :
wow joey. i was gonna wish you a happy easter. not because i expect you to be christian. but because i think that it is a good day to just be nice. sure other ppl should get holiday recognition, but don't be all bummed on the christian ppl. i am an avid reader of you diary and i think you are adorable. usually openminded and i would think that you would find any kind of decent human extension kindness a good thing. did i peg you wrong?
from eyesgcatm :
howdy i just wanted to say hey!!! talk to me sometime buh bye MAD LOVE~~~~ Emili
from peteypuke :
wow. at least we get a strip-tease out of you tonight before you go back to SLEEP (again)
from dumfuk69 :
I'm glad someone else besides me has the balls to stand up for the Dixie Chicks and all the other "un-American" celebrities opposed to this war. I believe it was Martin Sheen who said that he had a duty as a celebrity to express the viewpoints of those who aren't as easily put into the limelight of society. Rock on.
from rainbowmango :
Joey i am so sorry i hope you feel better soon!! Rainbow Mango
from mandahm :
hey jelybean...ill be praying for your nana. lyl
from peteypuke :
dude - hang in there. i wish all the best for your family. fingers are crossed.
from myfamilysux :
i hope ur mum is going to be ok. luv ur diary.
from myfamilysux :
i hope ur mum is going to be ok. luv ur diary.
from jennyjam88 :
nice banner :D extremely effective lol! i love your rant on homophobia. its an inspiration for gay guys and gals everywhere :)
from cianne :
as requested, i am letting you know who i am! i got such a giggle out of your "lord have mercy, it's a room full of ... HOMOSEXUALS!" banner that i had to check you out. sorry to hear your brains are seeping out your nose, but i'll be back to see if you're having a better time of it soon.
from penmaster :
um, i have news for you. med school will in no way save your brain from seeping out. ^_^
from worldgurl :
Hey saw your banner...very flashy..very OUT. I love it.....will read again...
from astro-vamps :
you're like...all cool and shite. Hedwig and the Angry Inch is awesome.'re just cool so...uhh...drop me a line. or two, maybe three or four. notes make me feel loved you know.
from alternamnky :
you remind me of a friend of mine and i supose that's what makes you even more funny...
from sahara29 :
I had no idea that that sort of bladder problem happened! Lol, that's interesting-glad I'm a chick.
from peteypuke :
i can't believe you missed margaret cho! i saw her here in chicago on opening night - cameras everywhere it was amazing. she told a joke about shitting herself in the car. you deserve to be punished!
from dumfuk69 :
Nobody reads MY journal anymore. Hundreds upon hundreds of people read yours. Including me. You are so lucky. I are the suck.
from penmaster :
All-Region DVD Player from Ebay: 80 bucks. UK release of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" seasons 4 - 6: about 60 pounds each. US total in dollars: about 100 each. Munching on a bowl of popcorn while you keep a box of tissue handy because Buffy's just discovered the limp body of her mother in the living room: priceless.
from peteypuke :
Skip away all you want - you just better watch out for those flying monkeys!
from wearingout :
awe. your so rad. i wanna be your freind. oh by the way your diary rocks me. write back, diana
from jenikka :
I will also be your friend! I, too, am in need of friends. I am a sad panda. Let us be happy friend pandas from now on. :)
from mynameiscat :
i'll be your friend!
from punkpezqueen :
i think it's really stupid that people have nothing better to do than judge you for what you believe in and the way you live your life. I'm not gay, but my ex boyfriend/ a best friend is and i think it's completely natural and given the fact that i don't believe in god, i see no reason for it to be wrong. So in other words...i hope you're happy being who you are, and don't let people get to you.
from ourhours :
Hey Joey. Nice diary. Wonderful work. Very sexy boys deserved a dick...*coughs*...I meant, CLICK. Anyway, keep up the good work. Sounds like you have direction unlike some ;-P Anyway, take care and come see my diary sometime.
from peeperjen :
I like to see cute guys making out. It turns me on just as much as a girl and a guy or two girls. And people who leave nasty notes (as they have been doing to me lately as well) are assholes who need to shut the hell up (sorry about bad words!). If they don't like it, they don't have to look. And I am sick of people who try to "save" people. They're the ones who need to be saved from the cults they're in. God loves everyone, they should know that if they read the Bible.
from kawaiifreak :
Let me say that you are freaking wonderful! I can't believe people sometimes. I am a Christian and nowhere does God tell us to insult homosexuals. For all you "Christians" out there that have a problem with homosexuals...I AM BISEXUAL! TAKE THAT YOU HOMOPHOBES! ^_^ I am a Christian bisexual. Aren't I being a rebel? But yeah...keep this diary up! I love hearing from people who go through the same things I do. Makes this world not seem so...scary.
from tarotchick05 :
Aww, poor sweetie! that's just mean, I hate people like that. Anyway...I will definatly keep reading you, really like your wit, it's refreshing. Farewell, Deanna Jean a hopeless H/D slasher
from groupie94 :
First off although I would have to say you are not my "typical" read, I am amused you are so funny and down to earth, I love what you said in your "goals" section about wanting to be a dad, AWWW !!! Oh and I noticed that you are a fellow Anne Rice fan, Check out her "Sleeping beauty series" under her other alias A.N. Roquelaure, If you want HOTT, trust me there is nothing better...Take care
from mathew-b :
and, you're intelligent. bonus points!
from mathew-b :
yeah man, your's is, like, the best kweer diary i've read in a while. if you're into kweer fiction check out war boy by keif hillsbury; about punk-ass, glam-rock, skater kweer boys bombing multi-nationals. take care -- m
from danpaul :
Hey, I'm a fag in Texas, randomly (or not so) came upon your diary, thought I'd drop you a line. I'm an artist. I make books of poetry and art and comix, and I write songs. I enjoyed the entries that I read. Keep telling your story, man.
from mynameiscat :
the picture on your site are beautiful. i wish the world wasn't such a cruel place.
from agcm :
"Lord have mercy, it's a room full of Homosexuals!" i will never forget that quote. lol. it sounds like something that i said when i first walked in our glbtq club here in union city, california. have you been in castro street in san francisco? where are you from? keep up the good work, you fuckin' sexy bitch. i'm here to back you up all the way. anyway, love and left over lasagne! oooohh...and don't forget the stoli and the smirnoff! --Angelica
from yourxstarlet :
whoa dudley bums (i know that so stupid to say) that crap those people said is just stupid. they've got problems and that is soo wrong i dont even believe someone would even bother to put a note on someone's diary like that. one its a waste of their time and they are obviously just dumb people. i know i sound like such an idiot but idk i'm confused. but still THOSE PEOPLE ARE SOO SILLY. there that still sounds stupid. maybe we can all laugh at my stupidity...good idea. i love your diary. all those pictures are just sooooooooo interesting. its awesome
from br0kensorrow :
i was reading your diary and it sad to know that people out there are so cruel and narrow-minded and that they hate people on who they love. it makes me sick. wether you gay lesbian bisexual WHATEVER, your a person and deserve to be treated like one.:)
from br0kensorrow :
i was reading your diary and it sad to know that people out there are so cruel and narrow-minded and that they hate people on who they love. it makes me sick. wether you gay lesbian bisexual WHATEVER, your a person and deserve to be treated like one.:)
from br0kensorrow :
i was reading your diary and it sad to know that people out there are so cruel and narrow-minded and that they hate people on who they love. it makes me sick. wether you gay lesbian bisexual WHATEVER, your a person and deserve to be treated like one.:)
from erase-this :
so like, no judgement on you but i'm surprised d-land let your banner thru since they're supposed to be tightening up on the censoring and shit. peace.
from devouredsoul :
hello, I'm sure you get a lot of notes from people you have no idea about. Well heres another one. I just wanted to say I appreciate your diary because my brother is gay. And hello gay people are people too. screw all you narrow minded people..hehe sorry just had to add that. thanks again. :-)
from thekeightysk :
heyo hello. I read your diary all the time and you remind me a lot of my sister's best friend andrew. I LOVE TATU!!!!! And that's what finally got me to leave you a note. You're on my favorites and err... you kick ass. ... Katy
from omnistatic :
read your diary and i think its amazingly good, you have alot of good goals and views on life, i started reading a couple of days ago and already ive read it like 10 times, its good stuff and i hope you keep writing ~omnistatic
from bizzykitty12 :
hey! I read some of your adding you to my favs! I'll keep seem like a great person!! Peace, Amity
from reversedream :
i love the pictures on your journal.. i think i might just have to start reading.. ;-)
from serena6184 :
JOEY!!! i read you all of the time and i think you are great...but i miss hearing about your bf, what happened are you two still together? did i miss sumthin? oh and also...TATU ROX MY SOX!!!!!
from yourxstarlet :
i would love to help you but i can't. NO EMAIL. sry but that's a very good idea you have. I LOVE YOUR DIARY! i read it like religiously and that kind of scares me..but i thought the title was REALLY interesting so yes here i am. BYE NOW
from djc360 :
haha, no problem. i'm glad you find my answers useful. good luck on the assignment! =)
from dacoso :
I'm a new devoted reader due to your banner. Love the title. Keep it coming.
from chadmuska :
i saw you cause your banner and i read a few entires then left. then i saw the banner again and came back. that's when i noticed your request on the bottom. thats a very good idea. i'm going to try it someday. you have very good goals.
from ky-chan :
God damn your layout is so sexy! I hope a good boyfriend comes to you, he's out there someone.
from ljungberg8 :
hello!i read ur goals and ur profile-i hope u do well at archeology and i hope u get ur baby and poochie 1 day.i thought once that i could be a professional surrogate mother-but then i would be constant fat.anyway.also-jewel is gr8!ok,so ciao 4 now,keep the nice individuality thing going,mwah
from pixel-fish :
-blinks-meh, this isnt fod
from pixel-fish :
=) i agree with much<br>-adds you to favorites-<br>(although im not sure how)<br>take care<br>
from musicjunkee :
I came here because of your banner, I stayed here because of what you wrote. I'll be back again. Just thought you should know. xoxo, rock.
from sinktoswim :
right now, i should be doing some type of homework, but i was irresistibly drawn to your banner. 98% on a Calc test!! w00t!
from iamsweet :
Buffy was okay :/ She yelled at Spike and he's really too good to her. She's permanently PMSing. And when she had that dream about Chloe (?), why did she not make some effort to ask her what was up? Ashanti wasn't big with me either for the V-day eppy. Anyways, I don't see this Pr. Wood/Spike thing going anywhere good D: And what was up with Cordy and Lilah at the end of the last Angel???? At least Faith will be here in 2 weeks......
from ceqs-e :
sup like ur journal! take care
from darrkangel :
hey, i love your banner/journal.. You seem like an awesome person :-D thats all.
from penmaster :
dude...Buffy tonite was awesome, especially that ending. totally one of the best written shows ever.
from btchslapquen :
found your banner, saw the cute kissing bois and had to click you they are so hot i might just come back to see the pics one more time oh i love bein bi best of both worlds
from adelyte :
Found you with a banner click. I read your list of things. I think most of us want those things. I want some of those things. Things take their own sweet god damn time, but eventually one or two will get to us. . . and if we are lucky, a whole lot more.
from kelcsdiary :
I *heart* your diary! I was just wondering, which one of the yummy boys kissing is you? Either way, you're hot. Why do all the hot ones have to be gay? :o) Your banner was awesome as well. I couldn't help myself!
from connecting :
you're diary is great. and your banner - WOW! i normally don't fall for ads (of any sort) but i just couldn't resist clicking. have you thought of going into advertizing? and aside from your seemingly deep absorption with pop media you seem like a pretty cool guy. keep writing, and i'll keep reading! ;)
from marygraceful :
Hi. I clicked on your banner. I know how it can be wondering who, if anyone, is reading, so I'm just leaving you a note to let you know I stopped by.
from queencait7 :
Your pictures are hot as hell, I was about to go to bed but DAMN, now I don't want to.
from mandahm :
heyy jely! i love your layout. and i really wanted clay to win also. i tried voting forever too, but i couldnt get through. he better get on the wildcard show. ttyl maybe, byebye *mandy*
from dolcekativo :
Hey Jely, what's shakin'? *laughs* i'm such a perv maybe; i saw your banner with the pics of two men, and had to click it, more for curiosity than kink value, but...*shrugs* i know you must get a lot of shit for being you, being gay, and i say right on! Yet another person standing up for what they believe in. :) I like that, and respect you for it. I only hope that your man treats you well. i think i actually read your site before, and i'll be back sometime to read more. Keep it up.. And oh, i love how you did that entry on goals... (How do you make a page for that anyway? ???) *jesika PS...only thing i don't like about the diary is that pic with the guy uncurling his tounge out. i don't like his teeth. they look evil. >=)
from neangel :
I love & embrace you for your diversity!
from princess-tif :
i believe the same thing you do
from princess-tif :
i believe the same thing you do
from adobogirl :
like your template...brave. came through here from penmaster's b-list. feel special?
from sinkorswim86 :
hey.... nice pics... juss wantd to leave a message...
from flyinby :
ok. the banner with the kissing guys got me here. never seen that before outside of porn and the christina agulara (sp) video for that song of hers 'beautiful'. so i was curious. anyways, you can check out boomspeed for image hosting, but they don't have much space. you can probably sign up for several accounts though. anywho. bye.
from pyrotic-elf :
i also wandered in from the banner.....i prefer to see chics hook up, but hey that's just my diary......see my'lll understand who i am, then reply
from tearswithin :
Hi, I just wondered in from your banner. It really got my attention. I mean how could I not go to a site that has a banner with the word homosexual in big letters. You seem like a really cool guy, and I love your layout. It is also very cool that you like reality tv shows. I love them; they are the best kind. I wish you the best of luck in the future. If you are ever bored leave me a note. I love getting them. ::AC::
from penmaster :
all anyone should do for the rest of their lives is watch MSCL. duh squared!
from ineedyouso :
it rocks that you have the coolest banner on this site. the best part is the word homosexual really big because it got my attention and i went on and i really enjoy it.
from katehackett :
Way to present your views in an honest and open way! Keep being you and being DAMN PROUD of it! You rock.
from penmaster :
ur layout is so sexy...i haven't seen "Edge of Seventeen" yet, alas
from angryquail :
I was reading your diary--I got there from your banner--so I am obeying orders and letting you know. I really like your diary; unfortunately I have four hours before class starts and I've got to get my work done. You seem like a really sweet guy.
from sprhrgrl :
your hedwig ringcode doesn't work. the image is an art file which is bad. also, i started the angryinch ring a year and a half ago for HAI love. (shrug) because 'hedwig' relates also to those crazy harrypotterites.
from djc360 :
you're watching magnolia? it's one of my favourites!
from eccebmw :
from dumfuk69 :
kick ass diary. I'ma add you to my list.. but I doubt I'll make it on yours. I'm pretty boring.
from i-kiss-men :
hey joseph! yer banner kicks ass! me and my sister both love guys that love guys, after seein yer banner, we both read your diary. You rock! =)
from djc360 :
damn, your guestbook won't let me sign again... i just wanted to say that i hoped you enjoyed the PORN!! it's the best free site on the web!! trust me!!! :P
from djc360 :
hey joey, THANX FOR THE ADVICE!!! :D i'm always so happy when you write me something, hehe. good luck with all your schoolwork. :)
from losereview :
hey would you like to be reviewed? if so go ti
from sum41bitch :
feel better
from smilechild :
hey, I like your diary, its groovy as!
from sum41bitch :
good luck in your new place
from patw-21 :
what a sexy banner
from echobaby :
Whoah. This is the first diary that I have read (that I found from a banner) that was WORTH reading...that, and the lovely guys kissing. :) You have a great diary!
from asrael :
Hey, your ad banner made me laugh so hard I had to drop you a line and say you rock! =)
from loftyroom :
hi, i like reading diarys -Lofty
from iheartponies :
your diary makes me smile. and lust after the boys in your pictures. but mostly smile.
from brokenclock :
hey hey, the banner sucked me right in. love your diary, keep it up.
from cdghost :
hello the banner got me
from unresolved :
from blendedheart :
Got sucked in by the banner. Definitely like it. You rock.
from barenaked500 :
;o( I came here from a banner and just wanted to say that I was sorry to hear you didn't make the Rent/Idol auditions!
from liza :
you like all of my favorite movies. how GREAT are you? (i'd say pretty great!!)
from aeternum :
Oh - I, also, have a rabid affinity for musicals. I'm gonna be on Broadway one day! Justw watch out for me!
from aeternum :
Your diary rocks. I absolutely love gay men - my life is full of them. Strnage mystery of life. So, drop by my diary sometime! and Keep writing!
from xxxemogirlxx :
its been awhile since we last talked but i still read your updates...if you wouldnt mind id like the URL to your new diary but it is your diary and if you choose not to give it to me i honestly wouldnt ya
from alternamommy :
Don't you think Jawbreakers was just a weak rip off of Heathers? Congrats on your A nonetheless.
from djc360 :
hey, i think you write well and i don't think it's boring. but then again, i'm called the "strange one". if you write a book, i'll even go to buy it (if it's cheap)
from serena6184 :
Dude, that same kinda thing happened to me and one of my friends and I totally can relate. But if you are really going to stick to "new Joey" that would be awesome. Don't take shit from anyone doll baby!! ;)
from serena6184 :
Dude, that same kinda thing happened to me and one of my friends and I totally can relate. But if you are really going to stick to "new Joey" that would be awesome. Don't take shit from anyone doll baby!! ;)
from allocation :
wow. extremely funny <I>plus</I> yummy, yummy pics. what more could a diary need? lovely. :)
from oddone :
Hey Mr. Jelybean... how's it goin? Just thought I'd leave ya a note. Thanks for listing me as a favorite diary. Feel free to drop me a line on AIM: ChrisInWP, or SpandexBoyORL Chat ya soon.
from mittag :
Great diary! I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats [the musical]
from madferret :
I feel for you. I have roommates that I can't stand either. Ritual blood letting is a messy task, but with a little advanced preperation you can do it.
from madferret :
I feel for you. I have roommates that I can't stand either. Ritual blood letting is a messy task, but with a little advanced preperation you can do it.
from madferret :
I feel for you. I have roommates that I can't stand either. Ritual blood letting is a messy task, but with a little advanced preperation you can do it.
from jennybobenny :
im so happy that someone else in the world loves "but im a cheerleader" -- its the greatest!
from comment-anon :
Damn it...the home of mickey is in Anaheim.
from comment-anon :
love your diary.
from lil7starz :
I think you are adorable & I like how you think
from rainbow-dyke :
woah...contraversial...i like kick ass dude...keep it up
from bluelaser :
Nice pics on your site. Rufus Wainwright rocks!
from walktome :
Wow, a nice gay diary! Gotta love those :D Nice pics hahaha.
from soapypjs :
you like good charlotte? awesome. by the way, do you know when their new cd is coming out?
from x0lulu0x :
from moshmonkey :
awesome diary. keep up the writing. come and give me a visit
from moshmonkey :
awesome diary. keep up the writing. nice banner too.
from omegaverse :
Your journal is great, you have a knack for stating and/or finding the un-obvious. Very humourous. :)
from subzeroangel :
that's was so cute of you. dreaming about someone. i miss those kinds of dreams.
from smooshedbug :
erk. *kicks diaryland* sorry about the 2 notes.
from smooshedbug :
So i'm looking at my profile and I look up and I see u're wonderful banner. I think to myself, isnt guys making out the hottest thing ever? So i immediately clicked on u're banner and just thought I'd let you know that you seem like an awesome person. I'll be back here again to see whats going on with you, and by the way nerds are very sexy. *hugs* Come visit me sometime. Take care.
from smooshedbug :
So i'm looking at my profile and I look up and I see u're wonderful banner. I think to myself, isnt guys making out the hottest thing ever? So i immediately clicked on u're banner and just thought I'd let you know that you seem like an awesome person. I'll be back here again to see whats going on with you, and by the way nerds are very sexy. *hugs* Come visit me sometime. Take care.
from voilent :
Because nerds can be cute too
from voilent :
I just had to leave a note too! Keep up your writing
from beatlesfan01 :
oops..sorry about the double message thing :x
from beatlesfan01 :
heh, when i saw your banner (HOTTTTT!!!), I just had to come check you out. you seem pretty awesome, keep kickin ass and don't let anyone get you down. and oh yeah, keep those lovely pics comin'! - desiree
from beatlesfan01 :
heh, when i saw your banner (HOTTTTT!!!), I just had to come check you out. you seem pretty awesome, keep kickin ass and don't let anyone get you down. and oh yeah, keep those lovely pics comin'! - desiree
from kbaa :
you rock.
from superama :
Hey, I just stumbled onto your page, and it's nice. It's nice to know there are other kids out there feeling sad and lonely sometimes, too. And you have incredible movie taste;)
from sexgod-king :
from stoned-foxx :
I LOVE YOU MAN! Too bad I'm a chick. But I love how your out there and doing your thing. I have a few gay/bi friends who are so scared to come out and be themselves. Just starting to get their feet wet- but you... You jumped in there. SO it seems. Plus not to mention I love reading your entries cuz gay men just turn me on. Love the pic on the side too! Well, I'll keep reading!
from gbg :
Jopey, you rock. :) I felt so special when I saw you'd filled out my survey. Add to that the events of this morning, and you just helped make me look like this. :-D Except wider smile. :-D Love oo, Joey!
from sickkidgc :
Hey, i love your diary. You seem like a really rad guy. And GC fuckin rules. i get to see them tomorrow. and i get to finally apologize for what i said... wait inside joke. well anyways. i just wanted to say rad diary. Sarah
from sonik :
my my my, gay is beautiful isnt it? it really is just that simple....;) - luvly little lesbian "Misery"
from thelovelyone :
Heyyy You rock. you rock. you rock. I fell in love with your diary and I haven't even read the whole thing lol. I know the other people who read your diary say you shouldn't care what other people think, but I'm in your same "gay" boat (except um..I'm female lol), and I totally understand where you're coming from. You sound like a very sweet guy and I wish you the best of luck in your relationships and in life. Keep your chin up, take in what people say to you and realize that you are a good person. Why? Because you rock lol. Okay I will leave you alone now.
from sunflower06 :
Ooops, I made a mistake! I meant (@ the beigging) that u shouldn't care what other ppl think of u! �
from sunflower06 :
Hey! U don't know me, but, u really should care what other ppl think of u. As long as u love yourself, & the ppl who r important to u love u, u'll be fine! U don't need other ppl telling u what u should like & not what u should like! I ahve a whole lot of respect for & ne one who feels the same way u do! Anbody who is proud of their prefrences like u deserves to be treated like a human being!I may not know u, but I'll back u up on ne thing that u believe! � -Christina Newton aka:sunflower06
from xxxemogirlxx :
you shouldnt care what they say or think...i like you ad i dont really know you if you know what i mean...just an opinion from a person...much love...sonia...sonya...sonja...something like that...peace love happiness and PRIDE
from subzeroangel :
...only if you kill me first.
from eve6grl :
hey. i just happened on your journal. i haven't had a chance to read much yet but from all your notes it seems that you're a pretty neat person. anyway....i was actually signing here to comment on Moulin Rouge...i recently "discovered" it and i think it's awsome. all you need is love! :o)
from elijahsangel :
hey joey, wassup, i was checking out ur diary, it seems pretty cool. maybe you should check myne out. lol. well, thats all for now, i gotta go read. (ur diary)
from lostincoma :
hey dude, i like your diary. it's funny and entertaining. keep up the good work, and i'll check ya later.
from gtafreak :
Hey like your diary. You'll soon be in my favorites. But quick question. Do you work at Publix? Cause I do and from the way you talk it sounds like your an office cashier or office staff and I was just wondering and I could't get anything concrete out of your older entries. TTFN
from gbg :
Very innnnnterestink picture on your profile there, Jopey. :) I get more click throughs on the Eliza pic than the Bunny one, but it's still only about 3.5 or so. You've got gorgeous hot young men making out on your banner, Jopey, of COURSE you're going to get a major click through rate! Silly wabbit. :) My Eliza banner has about 80 or so more clicks than the Bunny one. ::sigh:: So underappreciated...:)
from gbg :
JOPEY!!! I finally get back to dland, and I'm leaving Tones a note, and guess what banner I see?! HOMOSEXUALS! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! WOO! I'm so giddy now. Hee! Poor Ellie had to hear me scream that at her in IM. Hee! Okay, bye.
from en-trance :
coolness... i would say something a bit more witty, but i am very sleepy the now, so, your diary is cool will have to suffice... cheers!
from ryanpaul :
i just saw your awesome banner!
from rainbowmango :
You rock you like all the coolest things and you have seen Hedwig ahhh theres not many of us out there...But you just awsome and don't mind andrewlina she can say some of the craziest things i am going to have to hurt her later but cjeck mie out Rainbow's Insanity
from andrewlina :
Yay, another Hedwig fan! A friend of mine showed me your diary and he's convinced he's in love with you... better watch out! :-)
from meowth2007 :
Hey! I love this diary. Your layout rocks too.
from punkfairy64 :
hi hi. lovely layout ya got there. gawd! why do all the cute guys gotta be gay! XD, ok, beautiful diary, feel free to im me sometime EmoCat64. Toodlez, <3 =^..^= *Cat*
from weezey :
i just discovered your diary and it's beautiful. life is so weird...
from blaizezephyr :
lol! ;) Maybe I should mention that you're the diary apparently right after mine on the Angelus diary ring. That's how I found you.. And I'm a guy. And I'm bisexual. ;) Now that I think I may have been clearer, see ya! *peace* -X
from blaizezephyr :
Hey there! Like the diary. :) Very much an entertaining piece. ;) Read mine sometime.. Full of rants. But anyways, keep it up! I may see you on AOL sometime (my IM name is AdmiralTornshk if you want it). *Peace* ;) -X
from flowerfay :
Cool, that's all I can say...just cool. By the way, I LOVE SAVAGE GARDEN too! Can't believe they split up! : (
from sad-disease :
You're a nerd. And I got a zit.
from antarpixie :
from antarpixie :
oops i think my last note messed up so here i am again to ask for your help in making my diary all spiffy and nice and prettyful. Help me oh great one.
from antarpixie :
Hi, its me. Um I don't know if you know who me
from gbg :
Awww Jopey! Helping the dland newbies find beautify! I'm so proud! ::sniffle sniffle:: (And if you're wondering, I just left a note for a chick who joined the B/A ring, and saw a note you left her for the Angelus ring. Wheee!)
from evil-dreamer :
Hi hi hi!!! Good Charlotte rock my socks!!!! =D Spiffy diary. Have a nice day =) ~*evil-dreamer*~
from gbg :
Dude, did that coolass awards site sign like, EVERYONE's shit, or what? Joey, Joey, Joey, I'm so disapointed in you! You succumbed to it! You listed perceptions as a favorite...oh, cod, I'm so disapointed...
from memnoch-thed :
LOL. We agree. You could soooo be one of "those people". We see so much of ourselves in this. Don't ask who "we" are; just go to the site. Have fun! And keep up the great entries. memnoch-thed and intheory27
from shawntasy :
No, thank you for creating the ring! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
from wretcheddoll :
"When I think about all the people I have come upon on my travels, I have to think of all the people who have come upon me!"~The Internationally Ignored Songstylist Hedwig Hey Joey! Thanks for welcoming me to the Hedwig ring. I unlocked my diary so you may read it if you wish. Take Care!
from ryanpaul :
*awesome* layout joey. just awesome.
from alirah :
LOL! Joey's getting some tonight! Woo! Go Joey!
from feeorin :
But... but.. but... I WANNA be like Heroin. Mindnumbing, yet so addictive, only 3 in 10 people ever get over me. *wink*
from alirah :
Joey rocks!
from blonde32810 :
Hey ya, I saw you added me on your list so I decided to say HEY!. I'm Paul. Looking forward to knowin ya
from gbg :
::snickers:: ::coughs:: wear thongs? ::falls to the floor, laughing convulsively::
from alirah : have no idea how *happy* I am for you. ::Huggles:: I've been thinking about you a lot recently, and praying for you, and I know you're an atheist but it was the only way I could think of to help you. I love you, Joey.
from gbg :
Okay, so I do not count myself when counting the SS'ers. =� 1) Your image is hosted on Tripod, therefore will not show up. This is no good. My advice? Use Ranchoweb. That's where all of my images are kept, and they kick ass. 2) You've got the SS ring open to everyone. Tsk tsk. That means any ring whore out there who doesn't even know what a snert is can join. This is not of the good, my dearest. You might want to change it to moderated membership after we all join, just to be on the safe side. Wow, maybe I should've put all this in your guestbook? Ah, well, you needed more notes anyway. Alright, I'm off to buy Soul Survivors and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Eliza!
from gbg :
Know what? We have seven snert slayers on Dland now. I do believe we need our own diaryring. What do you think?
from ryanpaul :
aren't ya glad Irina didn't win gold or else I wouldn't be talking to you until Easter! Heh! nice diary man!
from signofinkosi :
You are a dork.
from gbg :
You're such a bastard. I can't believe you have a gold membership. I hate you. =) But you're a cute bastard, so it's okay. Y Y Y Y
from tay-parker :
I love your layout! --Tay
from grenjelybean :
Joey, my love! =) Smile for da bunny!

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