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from cordeliameg :
How are you? It's been forever. -hugs-
from linusthegirl :
Can I read? Hope you are doing well!
from almostnormal :
I don't know if I asked yet..but may I have the info to keep reading? jennifer (at) atypicalva (dot) com - hope you'll let me!
from linusthegirl :
Can I see?
from realsnoopy :
It's been almost a week. How are you?
from realsnoopy :
feel better hon!
from realsnoopy :
Whats up sweetie? *hugs*
from realsnoopy :
Beautiful entry....
from realsnoopy :
your entry choked me.
from realsnoopy :
I just started to read you today. You are a beautiful writer. I love the pic as well.
from f-i-n :
that gloomy picture of the suburban street is so
from etherealrevu :
finally! i'm so sorry it took sooo long, and your review is up!
from thehoneypot :
i hope you weathered hurricane dennis ok and all is well with no damage
from gumphood :
I choose death. You will not have me cake.
from janetplnetoc :
just left a guestbook entry and forgot to say something and now it won't let me add another entry this quick. I wanted to say that you are an excellent writer. One entry in particular, I can't remember which one without looking at your archives, is one of the best entries I've ever read. And I love your definition of therapy.
from f-i-n :
what's up?
from x-plicity :
It's sad that people can't tolerate a little taste of something that they don't like just to enjoy a momentous occasion like a friend's wedding. Very sad indeed. First time reader by the way. Love your style. P.S. My cats have attempted murder when I brought home the wrong cat food once. I'll never do it again. *grin* X
from horror-rocky :
Oh, I forgot, I made the little 'link to me' button. I could probably make you one, if you want. they only take a few minutes.
from horror-rocky :
I've actually been at D-land for a year-ish I think. I just got a new diary. Thanks anyway! I love your diary, by the way!
from desmondj :
Just realized you might not know that I'm the head sparkler. So that note in your guestbook from desij is from thespark. Sorry to be so anonymous!
from thespark :
You should come join us!
from geoffchaucer :
"This is Spinal Tap" is so classic and certainly not just for kids. When my friends from college (the first time around) came to visit a few months ago, we all sat around drinking and revisiting Spinal Tap to see how much it had improved with age. Ivy League grads or students all, we agreed that it was still nothing short of brilliant. There's such a fine line between stupid and clever...
from pollyprince :
I loved listening to your voice (diary) entry, it's a nice change from reading diary entries. Keep pluggin' away on things, sounds like you have a pretty good head on your shoulders. I've added you to my buddylist, I look forward to hearing how things are going for you.
from linusthegirl :
Hello Jen. Can you help me out? Apparently, Andrew is ignoring me, and my private folder does not have any entries any more. It reads "$description_entry%% or some such thing instead of the entry. Do you have any idea at all how to fix that? And why am I asking you, you ask? Because--*sniffe*--I can't do it all by myself!! WAAAAHHH!!!
from thehoneypot :
i have been reading your diary for a few weeks .. this morning, i was looking through the surveys you have taken... just want to give you a HUGGGG .. you are a very interesting person for sure
from takemychains :
I've been reading your diary for a few days now..but I found an article on/about Terri Schiavo you might be interested in,if you haven't found it yet yourself --
from entrapta :
Also, you can delete notes after you read them. You may want to. It's up to you. Go into YOUR NOTES under YOUR INFO on the left hand side.
from entrapta :
No, you are not deformed, however, Bunnies prefer...uh...previously hollowed out dens if you catch my drift. If you feel the need to experement with..ah..animals *only for the love of god not real animals*, look up non-penetrative vibrators (the animal analogy was getting old). You'll find them much more comfortable.
from its-nicole :
I think your diary is the best of all the diaries on this website. It's very funny. Keep up the good work! :)
from pink-circle :
What did you get in the mail???
from idunnone1 :
I owned a vibrator for two years before I ever got it out and used it.(one called the silver bullet, just oval shaped and vibrates)Can I say "wow". If I could start a charity it would be to provide vibrators to women everywhere. Honestly, I've never had the nerve to use a, ahem, realistic one. I think my husband would be intimidated to say the least!
from stewie4maria :
GIRL U ROCK! im a teenager, but still, i appreciate u have the guts to go and buy a vibrator out of the iternet and not be a SLUT. U kno, u have a very catchy way of writing, andi enjoyed it very much. I aughed quite a lot...hehehehehe : )
from karmicenigma :
Add me to the list of people taken in by your fabulous banner (which is odd because I am not usually a banner-clicker). Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your diary and can relate to so many things you mentioned. Oh yeah, thanks for being funny. I needed a pick-me-up!
from hissandtell :
Hi - I just clicked on your banner and was rather amused at your profile description. I must come back when I've more time and read more of your archives. Love, R xxx
from wedge-o-lime :
Just ran across your diary(your banner pulled me in)Hope you don't mind if I add you as a favorite. :)
from candoor :
not having the energy to turn on the Valentine machine his year, I just decided to say happy Valentine's Day myself... Happy Valentines Day, signed myself :)
from chelbel2005 :
Just wanted to leave a little message to let you know that I am a Amy Grant fan myself. We are a rare breed.
from milomilo2 :
Life lessons by Napoleon Dynamyite..."You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills... Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills." Had I known this tidbit, I would have been married years ago.
from finalscore :
hey! i found a place to donate offline: my school's doing a donation fund. i'm giving 10 dollars ... it's not much i know, but hopefully can buy a pack of water for a family or something. what's the diaryland total now, then? :]
from misspinkkate :
Thanks for the note and the webpage- I didn't really understand it the first time I read it, lol, but I'll read it again! Thanks for caring.
from desi-deratum :
hey... I think that's a wonderful thing you're doing. Since I'm underaged and don't live in the U.S, it'll take a little more time to help, but hey, I'll talk to someone older with a credit card who will help me to help. I'd be so glad to contribute.
from magic-wand :
Oh hey, I was wondering why you weren't showing up on my "linkers" page. In your favorites list, mine sn is supposed to have a dash between magic and wand. :)
from magic-wand :
Hey. Thanks for the note. I was beginning to think you'd forgotten about me. :) I read your diary, but I'm sorry I can't even help my own family out right now. I wish I could donate but don't have the funds. I will keep the victims in my prayers.
from candoor :
merry happy new year and bless you for your heart :)
from betterland :
I will LOVE to help. I was searching the net all day yesterday looking to find a place where I can drop off items that the victims will need but nothing is near here. Financially I have no means to on the net (no bank acct. etc...) but if you'll email me at [email protected] we can discuss it further. BIG HUGS IN THIS NEW YEAR AND MAY GOD MAKE IT A HAPPY ONE FOR YOU! Amy :)
from candoor :
a beautiful thing (you :)
from sysadmin :
Thanks for your note! I'm actually maintaining a donation effort of my own, albeit indirectly - I've compiled a list of nearly 100 of the agencies that are collecting donations to aid in relief efforts. All ad revenue from the site is going towards disaster relief as well. I'm not going to post the URL here but if you want it, drop me an email ([email protected]) and I'll be happy to pass it along!
from marebear78 :
I am overjoyed that you are doing the campaign. I just sent a nice donation to Concern (based in Ireland), so I'm sort of tapped out, but thank you for the note:)
from finalscore :
i love the effort you have in this! i'd love to help, but i can't give money over the internet (i just turned 18, but i'm still under my parent's rules :) ... is there any way i could donate offline?
from misspinkkate :
Thanks so much for adding me to your list of favorites- A lot of people are doing the 101 goals in 1001 days thing, so you should too! Make a note to me if you do, k? :-D
from marebear78 :
Right on, girl! It is up to those who don't agree with the new government to stick it out and fight for the rights of all Americans. No running to Canada or Australia -- it's time to make sure our freedoms stay our freedoms.
from hamiltonian :
great journal!
from mssassypants :
HEY! Thanks! Ok, have a jam tart. love sassypants.
from marebear78 :
First-time visitor, but I am very impressed. Loved your commentary on Jon. I've actually been to a live taping of "Crossfire," and as a former journalist, I can testify that that show is NOT journalism. It's a bunch of scripted sound-bites. The only person of value on that show is James Carville, and that's because he knows Bengala and Tucker suck and he stirs them up for fun. Go Jon and go you!!
from retailharlot :
I clicked your banner, and wanted to let you know that while I'm pressed for time, I have enjoyed what little I've been able to read of your diary. I, too, am a Jon Stewart fan.
from banefulvenus :
GREAT banner!!!
from spirit-chick :
Hey! I loved your note, it was fantastic! Weird Al is fantastic! Nothing he has said can be accused against him, it's impossible to not smile! We certainly do have great taste in music, I also love Smash Mouth, 'all star' is one of my favorites! :) Your diary looks lovely! Thanks for your note! Spirit-Chick xx
from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for 100% EQUALITY rights for EVERYBODY as well as for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers). Vote your heart, not the less of two evils!
from helderheid : Helderheid's new addy :) Love you dahling!!
from godmoney :
hey! i just requested a review 4rm ur review site. i was wondering: is it still up/running? thanx. apologies 4 being a stalker.
from candora :
you are still as inspiring as ever :)
from parlance :
Now I've got that incredibly catchy song in my head. Just at the mention of the lyrics. Sigh.
from meeshapeesha :
I found your diary on the Top 100..The phrase "excuse me but can i be you for awhile..." is from Tori Amos correct? I'm a big fan of her's as well. :)
from thespark :
I run a diaryring/community. I'd like for you to join the ring. E-mail me if you're interested: [email protected]. (Or rejoin, as it were.)
from xnavygrrl :
I've been shopping on for a year. It is absolutely my favorite site to order from. Also, I just wanted to say, I love your layout.
from divineblue :
hiya. thanks for the note. yeah, i dig auntie mame. rosiland russel was a genius. i admire her. i just read your entry and seems we have tooth pain in common. im experiencing the same myself. fucking sucks doesnt it? Orajel is a godsend at times. so anyway, yeah, i like youre style, so ill be watching. hope you feel better. WEE. -me
from sacredwhore :
I like the new layout. The color is soothing. I'm beginning to wish Ihad a payed membership so I could do cool stuff like that. But I'm to broke right now. By the way the banner is also fine. Although it would be nice to see some pictures of you for a change.
from gothiceyes :
May I please read your words?
from sacredwhore :
To be perfect and clean all of the time is un natural. Everyone has to lay around and eat crap and ignore there housework every now and then. To not do so occassionally isn't human.
from alayah :
heehee thanks for the mention :) Um, well you do this: You call the med doc and tell them you are unable to tolerate this drug. End of story. They put you on something else. They sincerely want to hear from you if you're having problems with any drug so don't be afraid to call.
from prowlingleo :
Oh hush, you are anything but stupid. Take another look at your dland name girl, you've survived, and you will continue to do so.
from alayah :
what i want to know is who's bright idea was it to put you on a drug that treats schizophrenia and has the side-effects of being on the titanic in a monsoon?
from kitten42 :
please go here and vote for design # 10 if you do i will love you forever and link you everywhere thanks!
from i-died-4u :
l♥ove yr diary!!! ×
from sad-doll :
I like your banner, and your layout-- and your writing!
from goexplore :
I like your banner so much :O) beka.
from leslieirene :
Hey ya! I love your banner, but I don't go by porcelain or princess anymore :)
from cheshireluci :
(Crap! I accidentally signed your guestbook w/o finishing!) (continuing:...) It's kinda like Fox and the Hound, except it's Kitten and the Puppy!
from foxgallagher :
Wow....very informative articles you have...:S Sheesh. *looks around nervously*
from leslieirene :
Congrats. on having your diary for so long. That's great. Hope you're feeling good, and are having a nice summer!
from spooky4444 :
The first thing I noticed about your site is that the cat in the picture looks just like my little Danny. *hugs her cat* Ouch! It bit me... o.O
from funda :
Words only have the power you give them. Give power to the positive words and they will give you the strength to ignore the negative words. Words ignored are powerless.
from blacksorrow :
:) well it would be good if u got a good bid on your picture... but if you really can't stand to part from it don't sell.. well hope for the best!!!
from funda :
Survival is a good thing.
from xeriphism :
first up, i love that image you have of the dog n cat, 'tis so ah i dunno, touching, though lately i think i might be a bit TOUCHED in the head. anyway.. as i was about to read this note i read the crap that i-zaffer-san wrote and just wanted to let you know that i side with you on that war thing *chuckles* now i'm out. btw this link is amusing,,2-2003310256,00.html and i'm found here...
from prowlingleo :
Wishing you a happy 4th, and thank you for giving me a great read!
from dtreview :
Your review is up!
from chordchild :
thank you very, very much for that. *sigh* it was quite possibly the best note ever.
from prowlingleo :
I know this is officialy random guestbook signing week, but I'm making it a 'thank you for reading me' day. So here is me, thanking you, for continuing to read me.
from be-my-heroin :
thank you; you're beautiful. <3jen
from natedogcool :
Hey!! Props for a well-constructed diary! I stumbled across it and enjoyed it quite so!
from i-zaffer-sun :
I found the following on a war survey you took: "9. What is your feeling about the anti-war protesting? (all) It makes me sick. Before the war was one thing. But while our military are fighting for freedom, putting their lives on the line to make the world safer,those ingrates are protesting. Our boys over there fight for their right to disrespect the military. Maybe if they had a loved one who was a POW or casualty of the war, they could see it from a different perspective. Most seem like they are just Vietnam protester wanna-be's and they are doing it because they think it is cool. I think it is disgusting." Do you even know what you are talking about? You seriously believe that the largest international anti-war protests prior to any war in history is because they are "Vietnam protester wanna-be's?" Well, the war has been over for awhile now, where are Iraq's so-called weapons of mass destruction? The Bush administration claims they were moved once Iraq was attacked, so we're supposed to believe that Iraq posed a threat to American safety yet they hid these alleged weapons away during the war? Have you ever heard of something called freedom of speech? You do realize that the American Revolution & Civil Rights Movement weren't very popular either, right? Dissent is not un-American. What about the renaming of two of our army bases over there as Camp Exxon & Camp Shell? What about Halliburton receiving the contract for the reconstruction of Iraq's oil wells, illegally too. By the way, I do have relatives in the military & I still opposed the war vehemently.
from komachi :
Thank you for stopping by, and for your kind entry on my guestbook.
from prowlingleo :
Just wanted to let ya know, diary is open again. Sorry about the mess!
from babyisblue :
I love your name ((iwillsurvive)) and your layout is really cute! ♥ RacH
from pinky77 :
Jen~~~ty sooooooo much for that link -it just helped me so much -you are such a sweetie .i really enjoy your writing .i hope you will put a link button on your review page,i'd even sport it on my main page .;) you are so awesome ty again ,jen
from pinky77 :
hi,glad to hear you didnt -well you know said that i could ask you a question ,well i want to make ,a rings ,cast,and a reviews page -but i dont know how,can you share with me ,i want a killer cool diary too ,lol pleaseeeeee?! ----jenny ps,happy birthday to you . ;)
from aura-chic :
I love the picture on your layout.. I found your diary by clicking on your banner. I can relate to being exhausted, but still having just enough energy to tell everyone else just how tired I am.. :D haha..
from diadecanto :
Hey girlie, I feel ya on the whole envy thing it's two hours earlier here!! ~Li
from pinky77 :
hey i would like to be reviewed -i love your journal ,and would rather be told i suck by someone i like then someone cold hearted -which isnt you ! so sign me up but i warn you now -i cant spell anything lol so good luck ! jenny
from ursaminor2 :
Yeah yeah yeaaaaahhh!!!! I love it when new people stop by my diary!. I popped into yours today also and could totally relate to your feelings of depressions and a desire to escape. If you read enough of my diary you will find me saying the same things. However I want to give you some advice. I realize it is unasked for and I don't want to be obnoxious but you seem to really need it, so here it goes. Ask yourself some questions, I don't know the answers, so I am not sure which route to take here therefore I am going to propose several things to you. Ask yourself if you really want to get well. This might sound like a dumb question but most people who are sick (mentally) for whatever reasons maintain a part of them that REALLY hates being sick and a part, however small, that doesn't want it to be any other way. Search yourself. Sometimes depression can become a persona, your identity and it is hard to let go of the victim/ poor me mentality. Sometimes that is not the case though. I suspect with you it has more than one cause. I believe you are one of those rare awesome people who has a need to serve others but are too mentally tired and worn out by focusing on yourself and your own issues that you are in a way eating yourself alive by not being who you were created to be. Get your nose out of the donuts, whether you feel like it or not, is not an issue. If you REALLY want to get well, stop focusing on yourself and YOUR issues. This mentality is like a dog who cant stop licking his wounds. Stop licking it will get infected. JUST QUIT! Granted I know you probably have a therapist who you pay a butt load telling you otherwise, patting you on the back and saying "it's ok get it all out now dear", but really, has it worked for you yet? Obviously not. As for the chemical thing. Has medication worked for you yet? No? If that is the case consider that what you are doing isn't working because it isn't what you need. Like an athlete needs exercise, you need to get your butt up and do something for others and STOP concentrating on yourself. I can not give you the why of my reasoning. I just for some reason know it is true. That is what you need to get better, or at least part of it. It wouldn't hurt to fix the things tyou don't like about yourself at the same time either. If you live near Austin, let me know, I will come and help you clean up the wine cooler bottles and donut boxes. I know how it is�.I need to think of others first too�. Please believe me it will help. Take care! ursula
from techrat :
i'm probably the only person who hasn't managed to catch a single episode of the sopranos, so i have no idea who you're talking about. but i'll assume she's lovely and witty and charming and all that. i mean...if i look somewhat like her, she MUST be. it would only make sense. heh. thanks for stopping by and enjoying my diary.
from ladypoetess :
I must tell you that I love the picture on your diary, of the cat with its paw on the dog's nose. My entire household came in to see it, and we had a collective "Awwww!"
from goddess2b :
I noticed overstock on your pitas page. It's been one of my favorite sites for over a year! How does a Goddess in Training afford luxury linens? Overstock!
from bed-monster :
I failed the quiz :< Why couldn't you ask your name? LOL
from banefulvenus :
totally love your page layout! THanks for stopping by my site. YOur not was a pleasant surprise!
from tornlace :
ahhh yes DMD's the drink of the gods LOL i agree...... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
from imaginated :
I meant every word.
from bed-monster :
I know i was just pissed and thought of the sucky parts of my life so I'm back.....but my other diary ZockEndland
from supernovae :
Looks nice, but troublesome in 800x600 / Phoenix 0.5. Remember that some people are still surfing in 640x480.
from liquidhuman :
Ha ha. Nice banner. :)
from blueeyedgurl :
You are great!!!! Its nice to have comments like that once in awhile huh?!!? :-)
from mistywood :
umm u wanted comments or something so HIHIHIHI:D
from notquiteoct :
templates ugly
from sinfulreview :
Your Sinful Review is up at: !!
from chilindrina :
Do you really think I should call her? Wouldn't that be a little "too weird"? I've only seen her once... I don't know maybe she'll think something bad if I call her...
from chilindrina :
awwwwwwwww thank youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!! Did the template thing finally work?
from sparklz24 :
juss wanted to say that i loved yer ad. i had to click. lol.
from beefjerky :
Wow, Your layout is really purdy. I live near the beach, and your layout looks genuine! ^.^ Lol. It's alot better then mine!
from amoondremer :
just happen to stumble on to your diary and wanted to tell you that your layout is really pretty....
from moo-review :
Because you scored more than 90% at Moo Review we have prepared a certificate you can link to -
from moo-review :
Your review is done.
from z0tl :
* click here * - this is z0tl's poor man's banner. i am a link whore, won't you add me to your fave list for no reason? god bless the galapagos! :z
from moo-review :
Just trying to promote our new review site because we need people to request. Feel free to request a review.
from quitenasty :
Your fucking review is done.
from chilindrina :
hi... I just sent you an e-mail =)
from sponge22bob :
Hey,I have found your diary TWICE by your banners because I click all the ones that look good and/or have good wording,so great job on your banners!! Also,I read your recent entry(today is early april 13th)-where you got a review from neat-reviews. It is sem-negative isn't it? They didn't put much thought into it. I know you don't know me,but could you check out my 'review' site? It's where the tables are turned and you get to review a review site or a review a site gave you. It might sound confusing,but you'll understand if you give it a chance. Please at least look at it! The URL is: Thanks in advance!! BTW-I might be stopping by more often
from perdiendome :
just dropped by and read about your day... i'm so sorry! hope everything gets resolved without anymore stress on your part... be good to you, even if no one else is...
from carianne :
absolute beeee-autiful layout, and I just contributed to your 'click thru' because your banner sent me here! Yay for you!
from kidneygurl :
Love your banner! I will be back!
from nourish :
(oh, I'm not logged in as chord, but I'm still me...) I think I'm going to read your note over and over again until I have it memorized. and then I'm going to be really grateful that I know all that you said. thanks SO much. (and since I am signed in as nourish, I quoted you on her quotes page, and I need to ask if that's ok...)
from chordchild :
exactly. what. I needed. to hear. thanks so so so so so so so so so much! :) mwah!
from chordchild :
I wondered the same thing. :) thanks for the reassurance; I really appreciate it. and guess what? my friend was like, "I totally understand. I haven't read it, and I won't. I understand the difference between online and public." I was like, "you rock." as do you.
from kb8 :
Hi- Do u have a Mac running OSX? You don't need to buy new hardware. Go to Versiontracker for a patch.
from prowlingleo :
from bed-monster :
I'm bed Monster and ready to attack! So read my new diary! -BM
from chordchild :
thank you. ::smiles a little:: and good luck with everything today. hope it all goes the way it should (well!).
from iwillsurvive :
nope, it's open now
from aissatou :
are you locked up for good?
from nater627 :
Thanks for filling out my survey. It was written after I had gotten into a heated debate with an anti-war supporter. He didn't let me get a word in, so I was upset. Please don't think that I'm really that hostile. Thats one reason I have put together a more serious 'quiz'. It's more for exchange of idea's. Anyway, thanks for taking the quiz, and I hope you look over some of my newest entries.
from chordchild :
actually, I think it's been a little while since you told me that. :) today was a good day to hear it, too. what a great review of your banner/journal! I'm glad someone besides me recognizes your brilliance.
from polskabebe :
i think you have a great diary! I love the layout. Take Care!
from bannerreview :
You've been reviewed!
from waterstain :
"i have no squirrels." excellent.
from mouse-mat :
i love your banner. Seriously, i want to marry it.
from suzysecret :
God Fucking BLESS YOU!!! Just yesterday I was looking at your diary, and stumbeled upon your hompage of yourself. I read through your stories of emotional/verbal abuse, and let me tell you how much it MEANS to me that I know I'm not the ONLY surviver of such shit that was inflicted upon me in my lifetime. Right after I got offline I went to my church( we have a service for teens every Tuseday nights) and I had a breakdown with one of the staff ( who I have become close friends with over this past month)Abotu how DAMMAGED and DRAINED I have been my whole life over how verbally abusive my father was towards me.... I want to make a change!...I WANT to forgive my father for all the harsh words he shot at me all through my highschoolyears( I'm graduating this year) and oh...I'm so sorry, but I just want to thank you because I dont think I stumbled upon your diary as an accident. It was somehting I KNOW God set up for me to see, and well? I just want to thank you. You pressed a button within me that has MEANT to be pressed for 10 YEARS now. Thank you! God Bless you!!! p.s- Check out my diary when you get a chance to ( It's locked right now becuase some changes are being made on it) but check it out in the next month or so, or e-mail me [email protected] if you wish.
from ihearthockey :
ha ha. nice banner.
from floodtide :
FABULOUS banner - loved it, clicked on it. And your writing is beautiful. Thanks for sharing with clarity, generosity, and honesty. I'll be back. Love, flood.
from symbiosis :
I clicked on your banner. You said there was no sailor on your site, and you were right! There's a sailor in mine, but you've got to dig around for mention of one. (You know, I feel stupid knowing that I came here to look for a sailor!)
from shoomp :
brilliant. nuff said. visit mine :)
from kuroinomiko :
One day at a time... How come everybody else gets to have fun. I'm glad to find someone who finds life as hard as I do. FWIW, I sympathize.
from darkartscat :
Beautiful banner, luv! Beautiful!! XD
from margeeolio :
awsome fucking banner! freaking porcelien princess...(I cant spell it either)
from angeloffear :
I clicked on your banner.. And, you'll never guess what! It took me to your diary! Um.. Yeah.. Anyway. In your lastest entry you said something about getting annoyed with people with depression.. I get annoyed too, sometimes. I've had a pretty bad childhood, and I'm happy, but then I know someone who has nothing wrong in their life, except having no friend, but they had friends. But I guess I don't understand that even if nothing's wrong, you can have depression. I like your diary :)
from twily :
I plan to come back and read when I've the time, as I'm going to bed just now, but I wanted to mention that your banner is absolutely brilliant. Take a bow.
from feio :
hee, i like your banner :)
from unknown- :
RAR! Be strong, and you will feel strong.
from wonderchai :
not a downward spiral. you're just trying not to move from that hole you poked in the sand dune. *hug*
from zerom3ph :
on the bright side, you at least remember what you dream about. me, i just find myself waking up in the middle of the night- heart pounding, eyes wide and shifty, looking around the room for danger in a panic like a frightened field mouse. ~8>
from mindfighter :
I like you talk about the bad things that have happened to me...if I dont talk about them I run the risk of letting it happned to someone else...John..P.S. this may appear twice..diaryland jacked me...
from solstice36 :
hi, i'm thinking of starting an open diary for people to share poetry, songs, stories and experiences about abuse and rape. i'm leaving notes for all the members of my abused and raped rings to see if there is enough interest to start the diary. if i get at least thirty people to agree to contribute i will create the diary. if you're interested and would like to contribute please let me know by emailing me at [email protected]. thanks :-)
from zockendland :
LOVE your diary. I need more readers in mine and Robin-Necter. They may be fake stories but if you listen closley you will know what I mean.Please check it!
from alayah :
I doubt you're turning into your "mother" there. You're responding like anyone else might by being physically hurt by an animal with teeth and claws. I know your cat is acting like a cat. Perhaps you might consider declawing her. She will continue to attack things that move because that's what cats do, hon. Good luck.
from dcalien :
I think you will like the xp and it makes transferring data easier than most.
from mitfordgal :
Wow! You are an amazing writer and we share some favourites in the music/movie categories! I'm amazed at how many strong, intellectual female Christian singers there are out there and that's all thanks to Amy Grant's example. I'm listening to her "legacy of faith" album at the moment and loving it. You will survive. I pray that I do too. Jennifer
from patw-21 :
i have a new picture whats been done here
from clauren :
Thanks for joining addict2sims diaryring. Your diary def. makes this ring special....
from gbg :
Welcome to the Emperor's New Groove diaryring!
from leslieirene :
Thanks for joining my diaryring! Peace in Christ, Leslie Irene
from clauren :
Hey. Thanks for answering addict2sims survey...I will def. have to find that some of that stuff you were talking about. And it would be great if you are a member of addict2sims. You are def. very special and your diary shows it and I think God def. save your sister's life. God does great miracles everyday. I hope your sister will turn around and do great. We got to believe in miracles. I think she has one for having you in her life. You will def. survive through this.
from elateddream :
Don't worry, sleeping is great.
from brightendale :
hey! just thought that you would like us to review your diary. don't worry we are new people to the reviewing thing so visit us to request and don't forget to read the rules and scoring first!!
from lostunicorn :
I've got to read Oedipus for my course prehaps we should extrange notes!
from lostunicorn :
I like your diary. Harry Potter rules. Hey sometimes the little things keep us sane
from chordchild :
*hug* sorry you're feeling betrayed by the words. I feel compelled to say- as a fellow "if I'm not perfect right this second, I've never been worth anything" girl, that anxiety and illness like we have can temporarily cut you off from the intelligence and the ability to process information. an ability you *do have.* so maybe it isn't about you not being smart and good and articulate. maybe it's just that right now those stupid chemicals are being mean again. and that will pass. *another hug*
from chordchild :
I'm actually just really relieved that someone else is being honest even when it means not being happy. I need that sort of encouragement, that nod or push that helps me- hopefully- to do the same. *hug to you*
from almostnormal :
Sorry. Quick fix. When I said "WHY one is anxious..." I meant what in the early stages of your life causes it...I wasn't implying there was one reason for it. Hopefully you know what I mean, because I can't seem to explain it correctly. Sorry =)
from almostnormal :
Wow. It took me *days* but I finally finished it. You have a fantastic journal, and vicariously living through your experiences has given me a deeper understanding of my own. Thank you. I have tried taking SSRIs but they give me *blaring* headaches and I cannot that's pretty much out. It's good to see you making it, and that anxiety actually has a cause and a isn't just about "being anxious" it's about WHY one is anxious. I never put that together.
from chordchild :
so, as far as I know (which isn't too too far) if you save a document in rich text format word should open it pretty easily. I don't know if there's a better way, or if that's even always true, but it's usually worked for me. ooh! look at me pretending I've computer knowledge just as an excuse to write you. so that's why I'm really here. it's been a while/ *hug*
from faggot :
i thought your diaryland banner said "I WILL SURVIVE... or die crying" but i was wrong.
from birdy :
hey, thanks for the note! I always like hearing from people who have had the same experiences I have. and I would love to be beamed over to your therapist--the ones I've visited have been the kind that just smile and nod when I talk. It's frustrating because meds don't seem to work for me anymore, so some kind of therapy is sort of my last resort. And I'm very, very reluctant to give it yet another try, you know? thanks again for stopping by, I appreciate it. :)
from chordchild :
you just make everything better, you know? you just make everything good.
from qutie :
I think a big part of "help" starts with yourself. I am a firm believer that no one can help you better than you can help yourself. I also feel that no one can help themselves unless they put forth the effort. I am very happy that you have tried to better yourself as a person. It takes guts to be able to do it. You are very brave and should give yourself all the credit you deserve for being strong. You are stronger than you realize. Everyone has internal struggles, sometimes my battles are so fierce I'm afraid I won't make it. But my will to live is so much more stronger than anything else that may try to bring me down that I just hang in there because I want to SHOW the world it can't bring me to my knees. Hang in there, you are doing great and remember, YOU ARE STRONG and you are a beautiful person for being alive and never giving up.
from jessicabrady :
hey ^_^ kitties are fabulous. they are nature's fuzzy cuddly teddy bears. right. Anyway... I can't imagine dealing with the things you've had to endure in your life so far. I think that the steps you're making are phenomenal. Respect to the nth power.
from chordchild :
I think you must have dedicated yourself to making me feel all lovely inside. Either that or you just stumble across ways. An entry just to congratulate me?! In *your* diary, no less? I feel like a celebrity. I won't thank the Academy; I won't. :)
from chordchild :
is 'gotta dance' from singing in the rain? I hope so. I could use the five points. or a gold star? I like gold stars. :) affirmation is goooood. speaking of, the comment in your profile made me completely floaty inside. and I needed that, especially so when I stumbled across it. so thank you muchly. it looks like things are looking up for you (if even, just a little?) and I'm glad. reprieves are always good, methinks. *wave*
from emperorincxt :
guess whos talking now... that totally blew my mind away.. i thought i was going crazy and was seriously thinking about driving to abig city and disappearing because i don't want to tell my friends about the conflicting emotions in my head. And then i found your page. and read that entry. and its exactly exactly how i feel!! i want to say something inspiring and witty.. but i'm neither right now in this cubical that sucks my life away... so i will sign your gbook when i can find something.. that expresses how i feel right now.. it could be a while... keep writing.. you are my inspiration to keep living in 'reality' ;) bye for now...
from solstice36 :
thanks for joining the abused diary ring.
from chordchild :
I found your diary about a week ago, and I have to say it's been a major godsend. I know how it is to have your needs sound like whiny little children and your anger turn inward to beat them down (yet again). I feel for you; it's never a peaceful place to be. anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for your honesty, and to let you know I think all of your voices are valid. sometimes, it just helps to know that other people are fighting, and you are definitely fighting a battle here. blessings.
from splashinrain :
Doesn't it suck when you lose your glasses and can't SEE to find them? I know the feeling. Hehe.
from ashes2pearl :
Way to go on the test!!!! You derserve a pat on the back! Ash
from alayah :
Hi just wanted to let you know Medicated Moments will be locked for a little while for html adjustments. Please visit idiotpage for current updates. Thanks!
from chalet-lines :
i've been wanting to write you for a long time. i was going to write something meaningful to you but my mind is a blank. but i know if i don't write now i may not ever so i will just say i admire you like crazy.
from rainbow-dyke :
I think that it is great that you are so honnest about yourself...and have been brave enough to set this ring has been helpful 4 me 2day..u dunno how much)..thankyou
from survivorape :
hi..i saw your profile today..and i love it..i would like to talk to you about me if its ok? if yes then write to me at [email protected].. hope to hear from you soon!..survivorape
from insanity3 :
what exactly is avoidance personality disorder?
from dying-roses :
That was deep. I have to agree with you. I wonder to what has happened to us and i am only a freshmen in high school. I have read many poems and entrys on this subject on what is happing to America. But none that is as good as yours. I admire your bravrey and I wish for you to keep those feelings. I beleive in everything you said there. Thank you for that inspiration. May God watch over all of us and our Country!
from piglet105 :
Thank you so much for writing that. it made me cry, but a good cry. It made my heart swell with pride for this counrty, my home, our home. I am proud to live in a place like this. Thank you so much. I love the entry so much. I read it over and over. Thank you.
from rockerbaby14 :
you will survive.have faith,but i see you already do.thank you for writing such helped me a're words just seem to make the tears go away.thank you so much.
from frenchpress :
beautiful entry..thanks for the hope.heart~frenchpress
from sin-d :
I felt the need to send you a note, because I find your strength through this American tragedy remarkable. If everyone could be as brave as you, our nation would be in great hands. I just wanted to commend you for that entry. It made my life a brighter place. Thank you.
from buenacabra :
Wow... a just came to check out the diary... was going to just comment on how nice it looks and run but then I saw a mention of a new established contact w/ your dad. me and my dad have had a horrid relationship, so it sparked my interest... it's a hard thing, what your going through... at least it helps me to know someone else has problems and doesn't know how to handle them. For the past few days it seemed to me everyone knew where they were going in life, and me... I just didn't know what to do about anything... A relationship with your dad might be painful, but I'll tell ya one thing, if you never try and he was to die, you'd regret it... I saw it with a friend of mine... he had opportunities, and his dad WAS a jerk... but he didn't take the opportunities, told him that he wished he would die... and a few days later he did... a cancer they weren't even aware he had... my friend was devistated. so I think the thing is just to not get your expectations up real high, realize he is a human with faults... and realize that every human will fall short in areas, let you down... some more than others... Regardless of how painful the situations go, just don't let it be your fault there if it ends up with no relationship, that way you aren't the one with regrets. Don't go out of your way for it, but always leave him the opportunity... That way, whatever happens, you can feel like you did the right thing... not that it's ever easy Best of luck to you though.
from turtleyogi :
about your cat with leukemia (sp?). we also had a cat with leuk. we also had five other cats. since they can catch it form eachother we had to do something. the vet suggested we put her down (kill her) but then i got a second opinion and that vet said that as long as she was seperate from the others she would be fine and happy. she is a carrier of leuk. anyway we didn't put her down and she is a happy cat. she lives with my sister now and two dogs. anyway, i just didn't want you to think that death is the only option. good luck with everything.
from kalistasun :
Hi! Just read the entry about mailing with your dad after all the years: In my opinion I can't give you any real advice as I think that only you have the insight to see if you feel comfortable getting in touch with him again or not. Well, I do have an opinion about it: I think it is very important to know where we are coming from. Growing up without your father means not having a male figure in your life. It probably is important for your own life to find out the things you need to find out. And whenever you feel that you are not comfortable with contacting him, you should probably take those feelings serious. I mean, this is all about something that is very close to you anyway eventhough he wasn't close to you as a child. Get everything positive out of it and as soon as it becomes negative you could still tell him to get out of your life! Hun, my feelings are with you, really!
from dariadevil :
hey!! lovely diary =) and i hopes you DO survive! =) and DONT die trying! ;)
from mindless :
i just stumbled on your diary and i felt every single ounce of your rage in the entry i read. i don't know what it's like to suffer at the hands of a mother, but i know what it's like to suffer under the body of another family member. i felt his weight my entire life and i still feel it, but i have learned to accept the tragedy that created and destroyed me. your life is your own and when you speak you feel freedom of will. people can only control your life for so long, they can control your body, but they cannot control your mind if you don't let them. i say this with a clear mind, because a man i trusted used my body like a toy and i have the strength to look at him over a christmas dinner and i know that i survived another year away from my dreams. keep walking and you'll find what you need.
from kalistasun :
Hello. Greetings from another lonely soul from the other side of the world...I am reading you journal daily, still. It helps me to get along better with my own feelings of fear, lonelyness and sadness. If you want, come and visit me either: or: Good luck and stay as you are, I like you that way!
from heavenlygaze :
Hey hey. =) I'm a survivor to, not from abuse though. I've had bulemia & eating issues, and something I just couldn't let go of that I'm now learning how to. Things like that had me with a sort of rebound depression. Now that I know a lot more about psychology I'm getting better at knowing how to make myself happy & overcome things. =)
from kif :
i admire your strive, dear. Hope all goes well for you and you are surviving and will the sounds of it.
from merilily :
hello! i'm so glad you enjoyed my diary, and i'm even happier that you used the phrase "happened upon!" i like yours, as well, and i think that you're doing a wonderful thing with your website. i'll go now, but i look forward to reading you again! :�
from halo16 :
Hey, love your diary. Umm...i don't have much to say, im much better at saying stuff to no one in particular so umm love your diary : )
from cordeliameg :
Hon, I want to thank you. When I read your diary I don't feel so alone anymore. I can't even express how much your recent e-mail meant to me. If you ever need anything let me know. You're amazing. *hugs*
from doll-hair :
no picture? not even that of a pretty upside down iceberg? ???

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