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from stepfordtart :
Ive taught engineering. It is, indeed, a gobshite of a subject. You had a lucky escape. s x
from x-centricity :
I've had a baby spit up in my mouth... Not a good experience. As far as not sleeping, try a rubber hammer.
from stepfordtart :
Hey! Thanks for sharing Pee Cannon videos with the world. The world definitely needs more pee cannons. Ive been trying to access some of the music clips on your website (my husband's a musician/producer so I always like to have a nose around when I find a fellow muso on here) but I couldnt get anything to play. Are the links still OK (ie Am I an idiot who cant work a computer?) or is there a better link I should try? s x
from simeons-twin :
Yes, I got that one, thanks! I replied to it the next day, did you get that one?
from simeons-twin :
Hi! Just checking, did you get my e-mail?
from damik :
I tried to contact you, but I got some message about a spam filter thing that made me uncomfortable.
from outer-jessie :
No senor, in fact, I have neither of your albums. I listened to your music linked from your site, and its awesome. Off-beat and fabulous. But you're right, I should stop being a cheap mofo and procure it for mineself.
from outer-jessie :
That would be awesome! I have no plans to be at a wedding in October, so it would seem I am not invited. Maybe meet up for a cuppa instead? It is very sad for you that I am frightfully boring, but I suppose if you try hard enough I think you'll be interesting enough for both of us :)
from outer-jessie :
Love the new song. Worth the wait.
from outer-jessie :
Maybe you're just not being challenged enough right now. Complacency, idle hands...what was it? Devil's plaything? Well that just gets us right back to crotch imagery.
from riverun :
it's nice when you write in your journal [even if you feel you should be writing or re-writing whatever-the-case else] because then we get to read it, sooner rather than later. incidentally: i've been in a funky sad mood on and off for a while myself -- and also with no good reason. therefore your entry made me smile. - s.
from outer-jessie :
Leaving is highly enjoyable. In a sad way. It ought to be a movie soundtrack, because I want images of things happening to associate with the music. Maybe a movie could be written around the music, like how the Nutcracker was choreographed. And if the movie should happen to take place at a circus, so be it.
from x-centricity :
I want to hire Claie!!! I don't think she would enjoy WI though....
from x-centricity :
Maybe it's the x-mas blues...or maybe you're pregnant? *wink*
from x-centricity :
from luckeme :
So you mean to tell me you were out east and didn't tell me again? :: sigh :: I guess one day I'll have to head out west and look you up! xox. Be safe on your journeys.
from x-centricity :
I want a soda-club fountain jet!!!!
from bluerelic :
I couldn't stop reading about your carbonation project even though I was really grossed out the entire time. I don't know what to do now. I am confused.
from x-centricity :
Baby Doll, are you kidding about your urine tasting sweet? Because that is usually a symptom of Diabetes. Please go and get yourself checked out. *huggles*
from bipolarchild :
WHY? Are you so funny? Please post a picture of a the wallpaper. That is sooper cool.
from kanyooceemee :
Congrats on a year clean!!
from meek-rage :
That was touching, how you didn't wolf down your cheesecake, and you went home and didn't masturbate.
from missfickles :
Just dropping in to say your banner and layout amuse me. :3
from choose-life :
welcome back. do you have a flickr page?
from dreamchant :
you're last entry I related so much too, having the same thoughts, that I found it funny&scary at the same time. You write beautifully.
from whystinger :
Cool banner, insane diary!!!! Be back soon
from lifeasme66 :
Hi there. I found you through a banner. That's already a compliment since I find most banners to be rather stupid and uninteresting. But yours, for some reason, made me click. Another compliment, after reading your most current entry, I wanted to read more. So I've spent the last hour or so perusing your archives. All the way back to 2003, believe it or not. My conclusions, not that you asked for them, are that you are an extremely odd, interesting, and introspective person. I greatly enjoyed your writing. You mentioned you write mostly now in your paper journals, which is unfortunate, since I can't read those. Finally, my third compliment, if you do decide to write more online, you should tell me. Because I would definitely read.
from sadistiksoul :
pretty sure i just died laughing.
from moncapitaine :
I'm reading your archives. I'm up to November 2001 so far, and I think I'm developing a little bit of an internet crush on you. Just thought you should know.
from elgan :
I love pie. I found this recipe recently which your entry brought to mind:
from deepest-blue :
Loving the recent photography :) x
from snortme :
i like you. my diary is old. i dont update much, most is of my adolescence. but, i've been reading your diary since then and think yer awesome. that's it. im just a fan. :) my friend megan thinks yer awesome too. and fucking hilarious.
from luckeme :
i sincerely hope that you got some of what you may have needed in rehab... xox.
from manvsnature :
what is winokur? your entries made me want to write about what my cat did today and how nobody cares about what my cat did today except for me and some people write about brownies but my cat is too delightful and everyone's going to hate on me about finding delight in my cat. i wish i had a cat.
from x-centricity :
from ugotsoul :
Hi, I've been reading you for a while... as well as this other gentlemen... He wrote something there that made me think of you. He wrote about it better than I could ever to you. Just wanted you to know you are not alone.
from choose-life :
i remember the days when you loved this diary so much and so did everyone else that came here. your photographs were equally intriguing as your writing, you were a very happy man then. i always find myself writing most frequently during my depressing era, it helps to know maybe someone out there across some oceans shares my pain. keep writing, and we'll keep reading.
from luckeme :
definitely keep writing in both. nice to see a bit of you. xox.
from luckeme :
What does a girl have to do to get a copy? When can I expect to get my hands on this musical orgasm? Xox.
from x-plicity :
I can just picture you on a Schwinn with your gold helmet on....*grin*
from goddessdevi :
It always happens this way-I decided to log into my high school diary out of nostalgia, and you're still here, writing. I'm terribly sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Lori. It is a shame the circumstances in which we have to learn life's greatest lessons, but its at least good know you're not walking away from this tragedy with no better understanding of the human condition. Take care of yourself.
from roklobster :
I'm sorry your friend died. But it was not in vain if you have learned from it and woken up, even just a little.
from luckeme :
So, I'm wondering... how did she pull off her own memorial? That would be a amazing thing to do. I'm assuming, (and that could be bad) that based on what you said at the end, that she didn't really commit suicide, but that she had a memorial for herself. Clarify for me if you would. I hate being a jack ass. xox.
from x-plicity :
I was there once. Suffering in silence is the most painful thing anyone can ever do. Then there's that moment when you think that maybe if you didn't live anymore, no one would notice. It wouldn't really cause anyone any pain, it would just end our own. *hugs*
from x-plicity :
Ok, so I'm thinking about lots of money, eating lots of food, getting really thin and having lots of sex.
from x-plicity :
Freak. *grin*
from x-plicity :
It's hard NOT to be there when your baby is getting it's finishing touches. But you must admit studios tend to be boring.
from luckeme :
this is sounding pretty pathetic, but I <3 one tree hill... i'll have to look out for Brainpool on the upcoming episodes. One of the really cool things they do at the end of the episodes is "You heard... (insert band name here), go to the CW's website to purchase this cd". cool.
from x-plicity :
Don't be sad!!! *huggles*
from choose-life :
having spent too many nights eating alone, you don't just get used to it, it becomes a habit.
from x-plicity :
Yesh...*wicked grin*
from choose-life :
wonderful story, you and the Hog Dog Man, brought me to tears....
from x-plicity :
from djarumgurl :
That first picture is toooooo funny - like I'd let THAT GUY adopt my kid. Uh. No.
from x-plicity :
You should open a brothel and sell Mary Kay products.
from goddessdevi :
So, I kept a Diaryland diary when I was much younger-8th-10th grade, I'm now a Junior in University. I religiously read your journal back when I maintained my own. I logged in today, after so mnany years, and to see your journal, the same as I remember, to see that some people are steadfast was very comforting in an odd way. You made me smile, on a day when I really needed to, and though you have no clue who I am, I wanted to say thanks anyway-don't ever change.
from malthus :
Hey, thank you back, for leaving ME a note. And, Justin...LUCKY! I wish I got to eat blood. Hell, I've been ashamed for years, because I have this powerful desire to drink blood and it's not "socially acceptable." Damn puritanical Americans! (P.S. - I don't use Diaryland anymore. try me at Ciao!
from x-plicity :
I can't play an instrument and sing, but I think it's just as hard to sing a dissonance while doing nothing at all.
from cera-jeanne :
Congrats on fullfilling one of your dreams! I listened to the little music box clip - it's pretty! Good luck with the big house, author and the girl at the restaurant! :)
from choose-life :
in response to your flower on car entry. it's funny how little things like could change our spirit entirely. i'm actually now inspired to leave a flower anonymously to someone very special to me, he disappeared from my life for some time and just recently i spotted him on the street by chance, though i'm not sure if he'd be as pleasantly surprised to find a flower on his doorstep.
from malthus :
You can DO IT! Dude, I SO believe in you and I know I'm not the only one. Heck, I don't even know you and I believe in you. Keep writing...keep's going to happen. I can attest...
from x-plicity :
Sending *hugs* and stuff. Things will go well for you.
from arletterocks :
I know where your faith went: the cat ate it. No, wait. ALL cats ate it. Now is the time for vengeance.
from malthus :
Self examination is paramount to suicide, but there is rebirth and it's dazzeling.
from x-plicity :
I totally relate. Losing ambition for making music is probably the closest thing to death.
from malthus :
from malthus :
That last "C" word - I think I blushed. Hey, I added you as a link from my
from luckeme :
What a fucking cunt!
from x-plicity :
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here's to being single, drinking doubles and seeing tripple!! *hugs* X
from x-plicity :
Happy V-day! *heart* X
from malthus :
The panties...are mine.
from malthus :
My 5 year old son has been taught rock concert ediquette and sings Dead Milkmen tunes, my daughter tries to feed her dolls to a remote control dinasaur, and we were just discussing evisceration at diner the other night. I must not be a boring parent...
from luckeme :
I've noticed that as well. However, I am a parent, but a very cool parent at that. I don't talk about my daughter's bodily functions, and when I am out and about, she is usually not the hot topic of conversation, as I am usually talking about the hot new position my fiance and I had tried. :) HAHA. My best friend Jen was awesome... then she had a kid. She dresses like she's freaking 40! It's embarrassing. I won't even go out into public with her any more. XOX Justin!
from x-plicity :
Yesh...the feeling up will occur. Your buddy Christoffer reminds me of a buddy I wrote with once...except all of his crazy key changes and licks ALL sounded pretentious. Writing lyrics for stuff like that is enough to drive someone to suicide.
from annivate :
i'm so please to hear you went!
from malthus :
Whoreface - that's a new one; I'm going to try and use it in a sentence today. I found your music and photos at mulitple sites - I don't know if you've heard, but you're sort of a...celebrity. If I'm the first to break the news to you, sorry - it's not the first time - I had to tell Matt Damon too. Anyway, yeah, I really like your stuff and I'll check out that link you mentioned. Cheers in the New Year...
from candoor :
hope your holidays and new year was and is gonna be fun :)
from final137 :
I finished your whole latest entry.. though I stopped being interested in bands long ago. You write humanly without being dry and interestingly without being pretensious.
from annivate :
go to the jewish history museum. it's beautiful. designed by daniel libeskind. i HIGHLY recommend it. it is also connected to the old museum in berlin. DO GO.
from super-allie :
Oh wow. I just clicked on the banner...I never knew that such great things lay behind a banner! Seriously, the HTS...pure brilliance! That is all I can really think of...but amazing diary, I love it!
from malthus :
THIS is why I love Diaryland, because I can find people like you. Like your site, your music, and LOVE your photos.
from x-plicity :
Stopped by via a banner. Great site. By the way, I believe I have a cheap remake of what lookes like a red bass on your rack. Anway, I'll have to come back and feel up your diary later. *hugs* X
from candoor :
I remember it very well, in fact, I still don't understand why people leave that simplicity behind...
from hypergirly09 :
wow you like a diaryland celebrity.......
from f-i-n :
i like the little icons on your page!
from kitty-kaboom :
yes you do know me. Me, you, Tollef, cherry candies, and the grave yard..... ring a bell?
from jwinokur :
How's that last one for a sweet message that made my day? I wish I could figure out who it's from. But, the linked name doesn't go anywhere at all... So, person from my past, please just email me directly so I don't have to wonder anymore! It's easy to find my email address here: --Justin Winokur
from cwsbliss :
I'm sure you don't remember me - a silly little girl with a huge crush on a punk cutie much older - you had a black trenchcoat and blue Doc boots, I put your earring back in. . .I fell so hard for you, you gave me your address but I was too shy to write. . .I found that old address book from camp today, and decided to look for your name - I knew when I met you you were going to be a big star, and yes, you are! Look far back (high school) do you recall? Rocks in Pink Cement?
from annivate :
marmots (mountain beavers) are so much cuter.
from candoor :
now where did I put that CD? (love it... everybody should have one :)
from luckeme :
You don't remember me, and my diary has changed. But a long, long, time ago... ( about two-three years ) we talked quite a bit... I was a stupid girl from Ohio. Anyways. I wanted to tell you I love that song, and as soon as you have your new album I'm buying. xox. much love.
from annivate :
you should most definately write a book, good sir.
from luxlust :
It took you like 4 months to reply, you must be a busy man. I think you are sexy as hell, and you sound like alot of fun. I will be in Santa Barbara in july, but i am in South Carolina at the moment. I guess S.B Is a bit to far from the bay, but i would love to run into you sometime, i think i will recognise you, especially if you smell like bull cum.
from bindyree :
on the subject of Chinese restaurants: One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received came from my friend Jeffrey Chin, who said that if I ever wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant here in SF, be sure and actually look inside and see if there are any Chinese people eating there. The more there are, the better the food is. I hope your grinders clear up soon.
from onewetleg :
hey, i got the link to your diary from the b3ta newsletter. they had links to the ht entry. good job with that. do you still have them? nice to meet you, justin. i live in san francisco and write an incredibly boring diary. don't read it. it will just embarrass us both. love, jj
from luxlust :
Where have you been hot tamale?
from dangerspouse :
Hi! Someone wrote me, urgently urging me to check out your diary as we both posted dreams of masturbatory goodness at the same time (well, YOURS was goodness, anyway). Great writing, man! I'm looking forward to coming back and reading more of your entries.
from luxlust :
Wow! That was insightful. Is it bad that i got a bit flushed reading about the soap and your urgency to utilize it? That was a fun entry,thanks for sharing!
from annivate :
when i feel like this, it always seems that it's because i'm lacking companionship, someone to relate to. i always have someone i can talk to, but not always someone to relate to.
from rawink :
Justin- I have been a reader of your journal for a long time. You keep me highly entertained, keep writing. I have a CD I want you to hear (mine, actually.) is there any way of doing this? -kate
from candoor :
merry happy new year to you :)
from karmacops :
Merry Christmas.
from jaws5 :
broken is good. the feeling is mutual. * * * * * * * * ---jocelyn
from stoic21 :
that mother should know she can't shield her daughter from the truth forever.
from karmacops :
Best of luck with your show... Empathy, empathy for the expenses of an artist...I totally relate...I recently had to swap canvas for paper because canvas was costing me a small fortune...framing is a big money eater too eh? Hope the exhibition is a success for you :)
from breezip :
Hi, Justin. I've read your journal off and on for a couple years. I had a family event down in San Jo this weekend, so I stopped by the Coffee Society and saw your photos--really lush and beautiful. I was really moved by the photo of Andie with the fancy ice cream; and I liked the mylar Mickey Mouse balloons and the policeman, too. Coffee Society was my stompin' ground back in the day--I was a student at De Anza in the early 90s, so it was a fun "my-diaryland-life-meets-my-old-life" moment for me to see your work in that context. Thanks for puttin' yourself out there, man. --Bree
from karmacops :
I'm just glad you like to write...
from annivate :
even after a pitcher and a glass i worry. but i'm glad to hear all is well. thank you so much for the update.
from annivate :
congratulations. also, please tell me you still have the h.t.'s. i proudly display a picture of them in my room.
from candoor :
I thought your name was familiar, will you be doing any more concerts this year? in Orlando? :)
from roklobster :
I'm so glad you went to the Double Down. I went to the DD too when I was in Vegas - had the ass juice. It was ok that night. No angry yeylly guy though. Did however crash a punk wedding. It was fun. *grin*
from bledgirlblue :
Welcome back Justin! You've been missed! Much love!
from lostwithzeal :
from aria05 :
you are seriously at UMASS? that's where I go, except not right now because now I'm in montana. if you're still there and you haven't yet make sure you go to Rao's (if you like coffee and tea and the like) and Antonio's and For the Record - those are my favorite places in Amherst. Oh, and don't forget to play around in the little "hideaway" next to Durfee Conservatory (the greenhouses near the Central living area.) if you've already departed my beloved college town i hope you had fun!!!
from rosedreaming :
I just wanted to tell you how much I wish I could give you a hug.
from gnometits :
happy birthday.
from aero7748 :
happy o canada day!! O canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command With glowing hearts we see thee rise The true north strong and free! CLICK ABOVE TO VISIT OUR SPONSORS From far and wide O canada, we stand on guard for thee God keep our land glorious and free! O canada, we stand on guard for thee O canada, we stand on guard for thee
from beckypop :
I was on my way to the supermarket one day and I saw a peanut on the street. After dashing through cars, I finally got the peanut and brought it safetly to the sidewalk. Then, I gave it cpr. Sadly, it died. I buried it in my garden. The next day I saw my cousin eating that peanut. I called him a sicko and now he is banned from my garden. The End.
from orangina21 :
seriously, I have had some amusing brushes with airport security too, especially since I was flying back and forth to see my boyfriend. no matter what, anything sex-related that I had on me was always brought out for inspection, even if it shouldn't have worried airport security. just think fight club. and I sympathize with the story about your hat. I would have cried.
from recordstatic :
that's what i'd like to know.
from loser-kitty :
did you do good in high school? i want your life
from recordstatic :
you're beautiful.
from strippedmind :
bravo! dear sir, you are a genuis i am brandis little sister and that was a perfect way of saying everything about the world you are great:)
from starskreemer :
hey Justin, sorry i didn't get to say good-bye, but hugs not really good with saying good-bye so i guess ill just say see you around... ...Pinch says the same... brandi and i really ejoyed your stay here....hope to see you again in the future... -Becky
from nnohrden :
Justin we were friends many years ago and still participate as we can in each others life now...I would have to agree with anyone that states that they have learned from you...Even as you became the person you are today (which I am always blown away by and proud of) you were teaching me...I hope that you will always be as open and willing as you have been with me... Much Love-N.
from iopeace :
The entry you wrote about your high school reunion was AMAZING. I was sad when it ended.
from serena6184 :
justin, i have been reading for a year now and i feel like i have learned a lot from reading you. the thing that has struck me most about you is your amazing relationship with andi...i wish i had a girl like her...or a boy like equivelant of her (i could go either way really) anyway...i hope you two can patch things up. especially after i amazingly shocked i was when she proposed to you. much blessings, jessica
from recordstatic :
you'll always have someone to rant to about what you did that day so long as you keep writing in this journal. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that your an awesome writer.
from pirategirl :
I love how your pants match your hair. Very chic.
from neangel :
nice template. very original
from hemopoetic :
three close friends, even. yes, i'm here, loud and clear, i'm here.
from hemopoetic :
every time i read your diary, i am filled with a renewed sense of hope for life. yes, even when it's full of tales of smearing brie all over your semi-erect penis in the company of two close friends. honestly, who could ask for more? thanks for sharing glimpses of your life.
from klcroft :
That sounds so great! It's a damn good feeling when another human being reciprocates the love that you give, isn't it? Good for you and live long, my man! Still keeping up with you and you STILL make my day a little brighter! you still keep me in check. I love the way you love life.
from klcroft :
Have a happy day! ;) I am still keeping up with you!
from gnometits :
so right. yes. right about the crushes.
from marrvelous :
I love jwinokur...but mostly below the stuff below the belt.
from captivated- :
Thanks for taking my survey too!
from youngflower :
hi. you're cool, and you probably hear that a lot. but anyway, my friend katie (aka zen-lunatic) showed me your muffin entry... so that's why i like them so much. never could put my finger on it. my friends now call me muffin slut after i read the entry aloud in study hall.
from dre2600 :
If you mean getting the pH of your urine excreted from your body into the alkaline range, that sir, is impossible.
from laveychild33 :
you are my god.... i went out and bought The Perks of Being a Wallflower... wow, you were right, SUCH a good book!
from cuntgirl :
you're my hero
from love-in-vein :
I just bought ( ) by Sigur Ros the other day, and it made me think of you. Suprisingly enough, I really enjoyed-I'd never actually heard any of their material before. Any recommendations? -Mel-
from pixiestic :
Hey just wanted to let you know that Perks of being a Wallflower changed my life as well. Steven Chbosky is a magician. Have a great New Years
from cellarlilly :
please tell me you said YES
from beatnikgrrl :
Thanks for the recording tape :)
from agent2200 :
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from boring-one :
you are the best. good luck to you. i will miss your entries, unless of course you have access to a comp in sweden.... anyway... you are [fantastic]
from dannyboyk2 :
I've got to laud your search for the fingernail clipper guy - it's something akin to Amelie's search for the bald guy in the photos, but much less storybook-esque. Still, what will you do when you discover his identity?
from peachyreview :
hi, if you would like to be reviewed, please visit our page =)
from ink-grrl :
happy halloween from the underwear gnome
from calico7 :
happy halloween father, shall we partake of the sacred host now? i really liked this - you might too:
from stonedflesh :
ha ...ha...haaa cant type, stomach hurts to much from laughing...think im gonna go take a shit.
from sixtypilots :
interesting. i've always looked out of my car out at people and wondered who they where, what jobs they had, and where they were going...deconstructing their lives. neato supreamo - apparently neurotic
from cuntgirl :
you are the passenger
from boring-one :
you are awesome. i've told you before. i like the way you teach me great lessons. like it matters anyways...
from cuntgirl :
I have always believed that somehow, to reach those amazing high points, you have to be willing to take the occasional low, low point. It's not an easy thing, but not many people get to experience so much of life at once.
from starry79 :
I wanted to let you know that I have stil yet been througly enjoying your diary. And I wanted to tell you that while thumbing through one of my mother's magazines, I saw a tiny article about "HairSpray" on Broadway. Now that may seem completely unrelevent to anything, except that one of the actresses (the one playing a main character) posesses the same last name as you! Just thought you should know.
from omegaverse :
I thought you may like this....
from battan :
I never leave notes for anyone. It goes against the whole hostility thing we are trying to cultivate. However your Taco Bell article was so good I had to let you know that I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for the enjoyment, and the memories of my hometown that now seems so far away.
from andross :
There is no doubt that Coupland and Ghost World are both hopeful aspects of todays popular media. Hello. I am Andross. I am just peeking in on every diary that belongs to a San Franciscan while I have the chance. I decided to jump on a whim and move to San Francisco myself. I just wanted to get a small taste of what the folks are like on that side of the country before I get on my plane... an online sneak preview, I suppose you could call it. Take care, sir. Alex Steed
from invisibledon :
Thanks for visiting
from lilcottonsox :
from fummy-cheese :
My friend has pictures of you on her bedroom walls and asked, "Who is that?" she's says, "Oh that's Justin with some horse testicles." "Wow that's slightly disturbing/really fucking cool!" You totally rock my diary reading world, just thought I'd let you know.
from greeneyez4 :
mmm...muffins. you too share the special love for muffins. Go to It brings out the muffin rapist in all of us.
from moonrattles :
I think I just spent 3 hours reading some of your entries. I laughed so hard! Thanks for the memories. I wish they were mine!
from girl101 :
hi. also, i know someone named ryan buffington. and when i look out the window the sky is pink and purple and blue and green. why do you write? have a excellent night day week month year life. x.
from coldfirefem :
Your insight into art gives me new hope in my writing. Thanks for your words.
from ludicn :
Ha! Someone found my diary by entering "straight jacket justin" to google - because of the entry from our visit to SF. I'm using your name to make me popular! Go Justin!
from love-in-vein :
Yeah, I'm a moron. I signed in under the wrong name when I left that reply. Ooops. Later.
from goddessdevi :
Hey, thanks for noting me back. I haven't seen the movie yet, and I guess I ought to, but I did see the Princess Bride at some point...I think. Hmm. Something to contemplate. Anyway, take care. -Mel-
from love-in-vein :
Moo. Greetings there, oh great Justin. I'm just a random fan... Anyway, I saw you listed "Like Water For Chocolate" as a favourite movie. I actually read the book a year and a half ago-it's even better than the movie. Thought you should check it out. Love your diary. Keep up the Nair adventures and what not, as they are quite amusing. Ta ta. -Mel-
from smooshedbug :
i just read every single entry in u're diary. u are my new role model. i wanna grow up and be just like you. give me some I secretly adore you and your butt with no pimples forever.
from patholgia :
In response to statements made within caution: this entry has extreme close-up picture sof my ass.....I too sympathisize and have pondered the Napoleanic nature of ass hair, and was once distressed by its very existence. After about a minute of mild contemplation and a painful shaving experience I've resigned to embrace the natural disorder, after all entropy is better than burning irritation. Unless you spend an inordinate amount of time marvelling at your butt and its many wonders, I wouldn't fixate...... (says the man who wrote you an entire note on the topic..... anyway.....continue to write as you are very amusing in a perverse and satirical way)
from cheshriecat :
acutally from the looks of that would have been hard to eat at that place with the Crazy Elder of the Polka Dots in the background there.
from testdummy :
you are truly intoxicating
from btchelicious :
Man, is that what it takes to get your attention? The word "breast"? In that case: BREAST BREAST BREAST TIT BREAST BREAST
from nekono :
HI, you're famous, can you sign my right breast?
from beatnikgrrl :
all of america is like new york is now... all pretending to be so patriotic, ignoring the follies of dubbya everyday, and drinking lots and lots of lite beer. its a curse, and who the hell knows when we'll come out of it.
from irishgirl112 :
15 and a half days without washing, pah! listen kiddo (ok so you're almost definitely older than me but shut it), i've gone 2 months without washing....that was in my prepubescent years in fairness though....i didn't stink as much back then. keep up the odd work.
from oipunkgrunge :
i love your lay out you know where i could get 1 similar like that?
from beatnikgrrl :
justin where are you??? :( you haven't updated forever and ever :(
from autumnal :
golly i like your filth
from devonair :
you don't have a secret alternate life as a girl named kelby. . . do you?
from cheshriecat :
youre actually funny! from your banner it just looks like youre eccentric and possible neurotic. but, alas, in addition to those you are humorous. im proud. and ill try not to tell your mom. . .about your ass.
from trulypoetic :
email me at [email protected] I emailed came back!
from morguecrawl :
read my diary
from elijahsangel :
hey, i have a friend named justin, u guys seem kinda the same. u don't happen to live in ohio do u. lol. i'd prob. found out if i read all of ur diary. alrighty. lata. read my diary. bye
from tuze :
My mom thinks you're cool. She's right.
from bukowskigirl :
I would like a picture of the HT I mean, I'm a new reader so I am a little behind the times...I need your email address though...drop me a note, or an IM. If you want...
from marblez33 :
wow-you're interesting. but, were you ever dropped on your head as a small child or forced to or maybe even voluntarily chose to eat lead paint chips?
from antipasta86 :
Your whoopie-cushion isn't insignificant!
from blondedoll :
Luved your site, your funny, and i really do like the taste of beer, Heineken only though.
from gr8depressed :
thank you for entertaining me! you seem like such an awesome person!
from slapmeharder :
thankyou for being spunky, funny, interesting, for licking strange objects (go on just do it), for being silly, everything everything...I'm delerious...should save this all for an email really....hello everyone else reading my confession of undying something for Justin....
from wallflower9 :
I have enjoyed your writtings with unimaginable extents... I think the main reason I have come to respect... well, you the most is that we have shared the same "something" with the book Perks of Being a Wallflower.... is there anything better then a day filled with chbosky's words? I think not. Just thoguth I would drop a quick not to let you know haw fucking rad you are. Good Day
from antipasta86 :
you rock justin...i am anxiously awaiting the glorious HT pics! thanks - becca
from calico7 :
saw shitbegone in Spin mag months ago and wanted it really bad. mind you I have used some form of TP in the months since - I was even in Thailand recently where my hotel room had a toilet with a kick-ass hose attached to it. it was amazing; I could splash my ass right there! anyhoo, I didn't drop this note to talk about my ass. just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your entry...erm, the diary entry. Cheers!
from msspyndryft :
I've read your diary for a while now...decided I'd get some Sigur Ros songs...any suggestions?
from sparklz24 :
I have this inexplicable urge to tell ur mother about the close-up pix of ur tushie. Lucky for u, I don't know her. ;)
from toothbrush :
Justin, we were born in the same year. Not only that, but your birthday is the anniversary of my boyfriend and I getting frisky. That is so cool! And P.S. Did I never thank you for the horse testicles? Thank you. Yours should be arriving soon!
from x0lulu0x :
otherwise uninteresting?! yeah...aside from the fact that you look like a sexual predator in the picture.
from finalscore :
happy random guestbook [ or note signing ] signing week! pass it on!
from mccullen :
jesus christ, are you okay? i can imagine little more frightening than being trapped in one's office, normally an environment where earnest emotional expression (aka E.E.E) is frowned upon, during an emotional stimulus as strong as a motherfucking earthquake. a homo atheist's prayers [to a god who doesn't exist] are with you.
from mccullen :
jesus christ, are you okay? i can imagine little more frightening than being trapped in one's office, normally an environment where earnest emotional expression (aka E.E.E) is frowned upon, during an emotional stimulus as strong as a motherfucking earthquake. a homo atheist's prayers [to a god who doesn't exist] are with you.
from alayah :
Hi just wanted to let you know Medicated Moments will be locked for a little while for html adjustments. Please visit idiotpage for current updates. Thanks!
from heartshaped :
you=amazing. really.
from dollxparts :
'ello. I read your profile (damn your gold membership and intruiging banner, you shall perish!) I havent heard of anyone else, other than people I've showed it to who've heard of the movie "Pink Flamingos". Hey you ever seen "Female Trouble" or "Desperate Living". They're not as disgustingly filthy as Pink Flamingos, but they have a bit more of a plot line. Cherrio!
from starry79 :
It's me again! I got your HT pics in the mail today!!!! I was so excited! I hope you get mine soon. In case it hasn't clicked yet, my name is Nikki...=) If you ever want to talk on AIM my screen name is atomicOrange7 or Starrsparkel. Bye!
from beny :
i'm so going to send you money for a button! thats super nerdy!
from splender86 :
what up home slice of pepto pizza well not really just horse testies which i just might buy they would look so nice on my shelf i can see them now! well i just wanted to say u are so awsome and well my sister said your a male me so lets just find out now huh? hehe well better fly
from skippy-dippy :
hey there justin, it's MIKA! your diary is super rad.. thanks for the HT pics... i'll keep them close to my heart.. thanks a lot!
from starry79 :
Hey, Yeah, You read Perks of Being A Wallflower? That's one of my most favorite books in the world. It's ...well...I was thinking for some really awesome word to use her but I couldn't think of one so I'll say the book is better than good. That works. yeah.
from me-the-star :
sweet diary...keep it up ... i needed a good laugh!!! smooches...<3<3
from cuntgirl :
damn it! can't even spell my own new words right
from cuntgirl :
Craptactic! I feel almost famous
from silverado :
I love your diary, Justin!
from heartshaped :
justiin! hello there. i think that we would be the best of friends. really. and i would love love love to go to yr chipotle fest extravaganza thingie. but i am all the way in michigan. so that's a no go. anyway. every time i chew on my hair i will think of you. hah! cheers!
from beserker :
id write the usual "youre hilarious and brilliant and i would like to have dirty sex w/ you everyday" comment, but that seems to be redundant even if true, so ill have to think of something else to say... how bout this: "scrotum." because whenever you're at a loss for words, just say "scrotum" and it will bring a smile to the face of a starving ethipoian child. also, everytime someone utters the magical word "scrotum", a catipillar gets its wings.
from nnohrden :
Hey Justin, haven't heard from you, I know your busy...hope chipoltefest is the best...wish I could be there! Write when you get a chance. Take care and much love-nichole
from stupidlogic :
hehe...YOUR diary.
from stupidlogic :
heyhey! you're diary=VERY entertaining. I was wondering, are you a part of the IAM community on i'm not advertising or anything I was just wondering because you are modified. It's a really neat place. Unfortunately, it has taken all my attention away from diaryland but i still come back to read your entries. :)
from dharmabumgrl :
Hello, I've signed your guestbook before, and NO I'm not stalking you.. I want to go to the Chipotle festival. And I want to date you BUT i'm not a homewrecker, you seem to have a very sweet girl there. BUT, I had to get that off my chest.. You are just so incredibly creative and I LOVE how you always have a digital camera.. its just ..... SUCH a TURN ON.. and no I'm not hideous, I'm acutally quite hot.. so here is my email before Apr. 15, invite me please. xo, dbg
from bizandgin35 :
hey i was just wondering if i could get on of those glorious HT pictures ... (autographed of course though ... ) if you could .. just email me and i will give you my info .. Kisses Rainbow Brite
from peth :
loving chest hair. loving chest hair.
from cuntgirl :
"It's been agreed the whole world stinks so no one's taking showers anymore"
-Modest Mouse
did you get the package yet?
from barenaked500 :
the hair thing is SICK!!!
from testdummy :
hey! i love your ass, and your anal probes. could you sell me one of those? i would like the KOKMOK, the mic (oh yeah baby!) and the jesus figure, what if the baby bites my anus? ok, gotta go masturbate, thanks about the news of the heated lotion dispenser, my granfather's gonna love that. fuck you.
from meeshgrrl :
i stumbled on yer diary today... maybe it was the codeine cough syrup im on or maybe its u =) but i was completely enthralled w/ it. You're funny as hell and so sick but its great. the pic of skot w/ the blue hair is so hot. tell him i want to marry him..or at least fuck him hahahhaah I'm coming out to san fran soon hehehehehe
from babygirluu :
I met a guy at a store once who told me that I look like a girl from Ghost World. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm going to soon. You seem like a pretty talented writer, even if it's not like deep or anything (the 2 entries I've read so far) it seems to me like your really smart.
from bizandgin35 :
your diary is totally hilarious...even the ass shot ... your an incredably hot and am totally jealous of your girlfriend... (even though she is incredably hot too..)
from jmixtape :
Your diary is so damn funny.It brightened my day considerably.It's my new favorite. James
from barenaked500 :
I love reading...err...looking at the pictures in your diary! ;o)
from paxil-addict :
Awwww...I think whoever wrote that was a little jealous of you getting offers for s e x. Dont you think?
from nnohrden :
Hey guy, do me a favor and read your email... Lots of Love-Nichole
from coffeeadikt :
You never offered me any wild ass-spanking sex, Erin. Does my Justin-ness simply not compare to Mr. Winokur here? *sniff* if you need me I'll be online trying to buy a horse testicle. Just the one. Unless you can spot me some cash. Maybe then I'll be cool.
from blue-scribe :
from bpopkoff :
Dear Justin Fuck Justin, thanks for making me sound like a complete freak and telling the whole world about the pee cannon and peeing on adam's leg. What about the time you squirted out a few drips of pee on adams arm? not too mention the time you ran down the hill peeing your pants! See!? im not the only one. boris
from pythoness :
You are fascinating. I think.
from xczarinao :
You are a wonderful wonderful person and I am fabulously in love with you. I'm positive you get daily offers for wild ass-spanking sex if you don't let me know and I'll offer to have wild ass-spanking sex with you daily.
from barenaked500 :
wow...your baner is mighty interesting.
from nekono :
Hi Jedi, I am just saying hi since these notes seem to be our only way to communicate anymore. i think i am going to ask for a divorce.
from nadawi :
from reading your notes and seeing how undeniably cute you are--i'm sure you get daily offers for sex. well i wouldn't want to go against the norm. great diary, by the way. and ironically enough, i'm reading the ghost world trade paperback at work today.
from sexylady69 :
justin.... I'd ride your face any day! multiple orgasims and breakfast in bed, Kelly
from cocker-lover :
ah !i don't know what it was exactly, but i loved your entry! perhaps the fact that you also live in cali brightened my spirits. hope you don't mind if i add you to my fave diaries. ciao for now darling.
from delius :
Hi. I read your whole diary today while at work. Thanks for being funny and making work that much more enjoyable!
from schizogirl :
Im probably the kind of girl you ignore
from punkgurly :
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
from cokiebean :
oh my gosh! you say your best friend is gay!!! LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!! Cokie
from vergeoftears :
"you suck and you should die, you terrible distended anus of a rabid camel. Also, I hope your grandmother gets FACE CANCER and is EATEN BY HYENAS"

this quote is so fantastic, it makes me want to masterbate.
from mel839 :
i love you, and you're now in my favourites for ever and ever and ever and ever.. even though i dont have a diary anymore. GO THE HT'S!
from jfelt164 :
ya. u fuckin rock. enough said
from xiliadrache :
Hmm... I was just reading through random diaries. You sound like my little brother will be in 10 years. But don't worry, it's a good thing, I was much amused by it all.
from missslex :
heheheheheh your cute :-)
from unlucky13 :
your banner intrigued me so i checked out your diary. plus i'm lame and bored. peace.
from monica1110 :
hey. i just found you and you are fucking hilarious. very good for keeping me entertained at work.
from jwinokur :
oh how cute! if i leave you a note from your own computer, it looks like you are talking to yourself. -*andie*
from jwinokur :
"Justin Fuck Justin"?? Perhaps it is code speak for "you, masturbating"? Love, yr girl
from adamexe :
Re: USBMicTest.wav 1. Not MY windows crap (I am beaten and forced to "compute" on this beige box) 2. Seems that I am not the only one who can't open your little ".mov" 3. I wonder if you ever saw this entry.
from adamexe :
Dude, I am SO stoked that you displayed my address to the entire world on the internet. Perhaps next I will actually receive Anthrax in the mail now. Maybe you could blur out that portion?
from ogdreadweary :
oh you are so incredibly right!!!! the swedes know how to rock. have you heard the mopeds? or ray wonder?
from dluthier :
Wow! this is so awesome! Cartman would be impressed! Check out my diary! You will find it to be a perfect representation of my life! dluthier.diaryland

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