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from helderheid : Helderheid's new addy :)
from obscurelady :
Bah.. sorry to see you go! You'll be missed.
from loopyboi :
My Goddess! "Good Times and Noodle Salad"! You quoted my favorite line from that movie, not to mention the title of my diary! Stop by for a look-see sometime. xoxox J
from nora555 :
Your diary is so intresting. I wish I had the courage that you have. To put it all out there for the world to read. I've just started mine and am very inconsistant in writting in it, maybe once a week. I need to read more diary's like your about real stuff & real poeple. I'll try your favorites but if you have any recomendations let me know.. Thanks
from kris-tee :
Hi, I saw that mybabylove listed you as one of her favorites, I am trying to find her �real� diary and I was wondering if you could give it to me, or if you could let her know I would like to read it somehow. I was reading it before and I lost it and now I can�t find it again. She has her notes turned off and I tired to email her and it keeps coming back, so I guess she changed her email! Thanks so much!
from wench77 :
oh it's horrid to think of you selling all these things.. I hope your hubby gets that raise, you work so hard you need a break! Good luck! :)
from spritopias :
but, thank you for your comment, you made me blush
from spritopias :
I know, I'd leave my husand for me too...j/k, I'm a real bastard, I wouldn't want to date me either...
from johnpowers :
i like the picture from the quiz
from mmeanaya :
not sure if I left you a note before..but thanks for taking my survey. Hoped you enjoyed it.
from wifemotherme :
from lookinsideme :
I am such a Morrison fan and I love your layout. But I'm a fan of yours too and I'd like to be able to read your pretty words. Please?
from thecrankyone :
IF he truly is bipolar or other mental ilness he can't control it anymore than a diabetic can control thier insulin. Professional help may be necessary, but first he has to admit he needs it.
from wench77 :
hehe! you fixed it I see! I'm glad that you didnt mean that, like Bush, you thought he would be like the WORST!! :) I hate to say it, but Nader is quirky enough that I'D vote for him! And there would go the vote! :) Thank god I am only an innocent Canadian bystander! And our prime minister now is there without a vote, so not responsible for him either (he's wanting to cozy up to Bush and the coalition of the "willing" hmmmm... contracts! contracts! me! me! me! vultures all)
from wench77 :
hey thanks for doing my babelessdyke survey! God I wish that people in real life were so supportive and nonjudgmental as people on diaryland. They just reenacted more laws in italy where single women and lesbians cannot get fertility treatment. Here in Montreal when I was trying (1996-2001) there weren't any hospitals or fertility clinics who would help single women... though they did say I was welcome to write letters to their ethics' committees!! :) thanks again! ciao and good luck with any future kids if you want more! :)
from onewetleg :
thank you for taking the onequestion survey. 'a spellchecker would be grate.' i love it! now you leave me a note! love,
from amomslife :
Your layout is wonderful! I'm getting addicted to your journal as well. You're "real" and very's refreshing!
from bornearly :
Hi Alternamommy, Yes, I was born "in the caul," as you say. I was also born several weeks early -- my theory is that I didn't want to miss Christmas (my birthday is in a couple of weeks)! I didn't find out about the caul until relatively recently. My sister included that fact in a poem she wrote about the two of us. It explains a lot about how I was as a child (introverted, shy, very observant, very creative) and the directions my life has taken (music, theatre, writing, Christianity/ Wicca/ Buddhism). Thanks for asking, and happy holidays to you, BornEarly
from spritopias :
RE: Your comment. Yes, that's been gone since July or August. Thank you for reading! Your kids are still really cute.
from purr67 :
Oh I wish I could read this entry. It won't let me scroll down. :(
from spritopias :
your kids are cute
from spritopias :
There is nothing wrong with being literate. Literacy, like grammar, is sexy.
from spritopias :
Go to the gym, no one looks at other people at the gym and comments. My largeness used to go all the time (when I had a membership) and no one announced my weight or girth
from purr67 :
I am so sorry you are going through this.
from wench77 :
yo yo yo! we want an alternamommy update!!! miss you miss you!!
from witcheepoo :
Love reading your stuff. Love the layout too. Good luck with the meeting.
from kristine-l :
Hi Jo! I love your layout, very nice :) I've got one now too:
from wench77 :
and yet again. How can someone with three earing holes in one ear and two in the other say they have no piercings???
from wench77 :
me again, spent another hour or two reading your previous entries... now at "goldie" i have to take a break and actually work, but first I would like you to go to the newstand, and find this month's Harper's magazine (oct 2003), and go to page 16, and read the very very short story called "Marriage" by Melanie Sumner. That is my suggestion of the day. ciao!
from wench77 :
Hello! i just discovered you via neurotic-one's favorites... i love your layout and image. I also very much enjoy your writing... clear, personable, intelligent... who you are comes across very well. I left a comment on your scout entry, added your 9-11 and home birth entry to my favorites, and put you on my buddy list... thot i'd just say hi, and i'll keep reading. Thanks for a good read.
from spritopias :
I am nearing my 1000th entry and Kayce and I are planning something "big" but I'm also collecting people who I list as favorites who list me as a favorite (am I making sense) favorite entry of mine for a list we're putting together. Thanks for any help you throw at us.
from spritopias :
I'm very flattered.
from wifemotherme :
That reminds me I love cheese doodles! Anyway I LOVE the new layout! Did I tell you that already?? Seems you updated since I read but I checked and dl didn't eat your name off of my favs list what's up with that??!!!! I think its a democratic conspiracy!
from kitten42 :
please go here and vote for design # 10 if you do i will love you forever and link you everywhere thanks!
from wifemotherme :
((((*HUGS*))) unfortunately, i understand : ( When It sucks does it help to know your not alone?
from trinity63 :
Hi you:) I took Klonopin for a few years for panic. And while it was fine being on it, it was hell getting off of it. So when the time comes you discontinue it -- make sure you go off slowly. How are you anyhow? I am going to be doing some catch up in regards to your journal:)
from mightymaeve :
Another fan! Just wanted to say i like your relfections on life, the ones that i've read so far! Hey, and remember, being a mommy is a very important job too..! You're amazin'.
from wio :
I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed reading your diary. I just started...but I really like it. Sorry about all the drama. Shana is a real nightmare. She stole my life once. (I left a note about it in that entry.)
from luv-wende :
Hi, I'm also noting about the woman from diaryplace. I was wondering if you could help me figure out who the girl is in these pictures? Perhaps someone from diaryland? <img src=""> <img src=""> <img src="">
from mrsmm1 :
I don't know if you're aware or if you are the one behind it but there is another woman who has a diary on diaryplace. She is copying your old entries and posting them as her own. She has also copied some of the details. Has a hubby in the AF, two kids, taking chlomid etc. I just thought you should be aware.
from trinity63 :
smoooooch and hi:) How are you? What's new and all that stuff? Thinks are status quo:) xoxoxox
from museofsappho :
hi...came across your diary...had a like good music :) so yes, i'll stop wasting space. :)
from golfwidow :
I didn't mean to make you cry. It *is* nice to know that you understand something that I thought was rather silly of me. So thanks.
from bettyalready :
I'm laughing my ass off...I read your diary constantly but was afraid to say hi because ...I dunno, some stupid thing in my head that says "they're gonna think I just want them to come to my diary" or something really messed up....I love your writing!
from sunnflower :
found your diary on clix and wanted to let you know how much I liked it. I will definitely be back soon to do some more reading. Come visit me at Suburban Island - another mom making due. Happy New Year!
from addicted2ski :
Offended? Not hardly! Extremely flattered is more like it! And the Soup Dragons - excellent music choice... 'cause you're a sweet, sweet, sweet divine thing and all. :-)
from darrylzer0 :
And you let your husband sign my guestbook! How daring! Thanks for the support, by the way, and hope your new year improves.
from ms-m :
Jo! I gotta tell you that Domenic signing my Guest Book made my day! That was so sweet.
from mynameismatt :
i've just realised where the words at the top of each page come from - substitute for love, right? it is a beautiful song. but i mainly come with sad tidings - Orlando Bloom has decided to morph himself into Johnny Depp's ugly brother with shit hair and an odd beard/moustache thing. a far cry from the flowing locks of the elfen one. he should never have changed into something real. matt x
from darkember :
hey i clicked on yer banner, i think when i have kids i'll be in for it. i'm already having trouble with being a housewife
from paperlove :
at least their grandma shows she cares by knowing what they want. my grandfather gave me and my pre-teen brother gift certificts for mcd's but i guess it's coolvcause i liek that food. take care.
from kidneygurl :
I admire you so much. Merry Christmas to you and your family !
from ladyvaduva :
Merry christmas.. really like ur page.. Lord of the rings is amazing.. still ain't seen the 2nd one just yet.. but I'll get there.. Orlando bloom *drool*... :-) Have a wonderful holiday!
from sheblogs :
Merry Christmas! I hope you get everything you wished for. :) Take care.
from wyndspirit :
Your "white trash brownies" were a major hit with our family. I have been requested to make them for New Year's as well! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
from idiomatic :
are you the one who read 100 pages of my diary today and didn't drop a note to say hello?
from fire-pixie :
I found a link to an article called "breastfeeding language" and I'm leaving it with my favorite BFing mommies! (You'll probably have to cut and paste) Basically, it says we should call breastmilk normal, as opposed to the best. When we say it's the best, it establishes formula as the norm. If b-milk is the norm, then formula is deficient. it explains why all this is relevant, too! I figured it could help all us pro-bf'ers in our quest to help other moms!
from njxxxhrdcore :
Hey I was wondering if you ever made any surveys. So, have ya?
from wyndspirit :
I hope you don't mind... In my last entry I mentioned your "white trash brownies" but I had read the recipes in your archives days ago and had no idea where it was, to link directly to it, so I told my readers to ask you for the recipe. They sound SO GOOD and a fabulous addition to my family's Christmas goodie lineup! And easy enough that even a culinary-challenged person like myself can handle them. But then again... I can fail never-fail fudge... (The recipe on the marshmallow fluff container.) Thanks for sharing the recipe!
from sinnamon :
You are so brave, just telling your husband what was in your head, that's an act of heroism in itself. We are all sending you oodles of love from across the universe.
from kitchenlogic :
Hey sweetie! I hope everything is okay!
from castellano :
I'm sorry for all you're going through, and (maybe) I can relate. I just wanted to let you know that I love your diary and I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that I'd love you too if I knew you in real life. Not much consolation, but there you go. I hope everything gets better your way, and soon. (And I'm glad you liked White Oleander - it's one of my favorites.)
from wifemotherme :
OMG I didnt mean for you to have to spend so much time looking for the entry, but thank you so much. It was I was a good 3 weeks off on the date I thought it was posted so It was no wonder I couldn't find it. Gawd its hard to have the memory of a 90 year old!
from wifemotherme :
Thank you so much for the note. I wanted your entry though........the one that had that link to add to my favorit entries.
from wifemotherme :
Thank you so much I will add it now.
from wifemotherme :
Happy thanksgiving!! I am too stupid to navigate the layout and I cannot find your email address -- anywho..... Several months ago you wrote an entry that had a link to a letter from a father whose child was suffering from BP. It was comparing the way children with mental illness are treated and kids who have cancer. I looked threw the archives and cant seem to find it. Do you right off hand happen to recall what month that was in? I have been meaning to add that to my favorite entries list for forever...and my lazy ass kept forgetting. if happen to knwo off hand will you let me know?
from wifemotherme :
Happy thanksgiving!! I am too stupid to navigate the layout and I cannot find your email address -- anywho..... Several months ago you wrote an entry that had a link to a letter from a father whose child was suffering from BP. It was comparing the way children with mental illness are treated and kids who have cancer. I looked threw the archives and cant seem to find it. Do you right off hand happen to recall what month that was in? I have been meaning to add that to my favorite entries list for forever...and my lazy ass kept forgetting. if happen to knwo off hand will you let me know?
from the-lacuna :
None of the Above was actually my anthem for a little while there. Right around the time that epiphany became my favorite word. I'm surprised you know that song! You a Duranie? Nobody likes to admit it these days :(
from the-lacuna :
BTW: Alaska is on Nelly's list of places to live too. Which is why her loving Vermont has me all tickled. Disaster averted!
from jenistar :
Depending on how many pounds your turkey is, it will take 3-4 days in the refrigerator to thaw. Maybe you ought to take it out of the freezer now?
from piecesofher :
You and all the other alterna moms on Dland inspired a creative writing monologue I had to do for a class I'm taking... I'm only 15, so it was all guesswork for me, but I hope it did y'all justice.
from bendthelight :
hey - i just wanted to say hi, that i like your journal and all. i also wanted to comment on your comment that you're not a feminist because you stay at home with your kids. rock on! i'm a sophmore at a womens college and yah, it's a feminist environment. but there's so much more to feminism than just shattering the glass ceiling. i think staying at home to raise kids as a conscious decision is just as much a vote for womens choice as going to work is. i was raised by a feminist of sorts in a female dominated household but my mom didn't go back to work until my younger sister was in first grade and i was always glad to have my mom home when i got back from school. granted, she teaches now so even in high school, we were always getting home around the same time. but yah, i just wanted to say that i think what you're doing is great!
from ms-m :
It's sad that bad stuff makes us re-evaluate life isn't it? But you are definitely right. It's better to be thankful and appreciate the one's we love. I don't do that enough.
from cariboutwo :
Checkout irisheyes70 from my favorites. She lives in Alaska and is a SAHM. I think she lives near Fairbanks but she could give you tips. (Personally, I would love it!) The low-stress might be great for the kids, too! :)
from ms-m :
I'm glad it added a bit of mirth to your day!
from ms-m :
Take me with you! Take me with you! I wanna see Harry too!
from kitchenlogic :
So...could you e-mail people the news? Or did your husband think of that and tell you that you couldn't do that either? Are you moving? To Minnesota? Can we go to the Maul together?
from manda-d :
Immunity challenge? I am SO confused, ha ha! Doesn't take much!
from gwydion10 :
:) i just had to write and tell you we share a first name. it's exciting to me because you're the only other 'joanna' i know. ^_^ i'll check out your journal!
from jenga21 :
Thanks for the info on how to link! I didn't even find it until today. =)
from kinetix :
Honestly, I didn't really do anything, but you're welcome.
from ms-m :
I've never been there! But I really want to because of the architecture alone!
from ms-m :
I'm sooo excited! We're going to have so much fun! Have you ever been to New Orleans? (Since they're both french and all, I thought I'd ask!)
from the-lacuna :
It's not that I chat with certain people out of obligation and others not. (Big breath..) I liken it to TV. I like some television shows, and some of them I love. But when I'm sitting there watching it, I feel guilty, like I should be doing something else- something productive. Hours go by before I turn off the TV, and I feel like shit for wasting my time. However, the difference with The Chat is that typically it gives me the TV feeling, but I know it's more worthwhile than the TV. I don't feel guilty with a lot of one-on-one chats, such as yours. However, I have done the chat more and more recently because I feel forced into it in order to "keep up" with the social aspect of this whole thing. Especially with the blog being so "sexually active"- something which can be fun, but tedious and innane after a while. And as I said- I don't hold a grudge against any of the contestants (except for GB now, based on her exit interview). I just figured I would whine (whing!) before I got the boot rather then after, which would just make me look like a sore loser. Which of course I am. But I get to jump the gun here. Yay! But seriously: I don't feel like my chat with you was a waste of time. Honest. Swear on little Scout's head.
from ms-m :
Thanks Jo!
from murk :
nono, I wasn't saying you did it! : P I was just saying i know that there are mean people who might. It was sad (and good story). :)
from addicted2ski :
Hey! If you really want to have some fun with the home planning, I bought a program called "3D Home Architect" at Target a while back, for less than 20 bucks. You can draw out the floor plans you've downloaded and take a walk-through of the house... you can even add furniture! I spend way too much time playing on mine.
from musicalnoise :
hiya from Ireland :D I just stumbled on your diary and have to say its witty, honest and funny! Plus also want to add that I met my husband of 6 weeks at the Rocky Horror Picture Show ;) take care
from gingerbug :
Hi there. Thanks for the message...the newspaper-clipping idea was something I did to distract me from the actual subject. Then I could tinker away at the technical details and layout more than actually worry about the whole IC. It was a bit of a challenge to make the text short enough (as I am usually so verbiose!). For the record: my fave IC's this time around are yours and Kinetix's.
from chromemm :
heh thanks for the compliment, I try and do my best. And be the lazy fuck I am I forget to leave a note about your IC. That was cool yours was an act of murder, then your very murder takes your life and sympathy for the loss of you without a flinch. Very Single White female does, that wasn't intended to sound like a porn movie...heh
from kinetix :
That was great! I was like, "Oh my God, someone drowned her in bleach?!?!" and then I read the rest. Very clever. :)
from chromemm :
oh yeh thanks Joanna. I really liked that review. Now if I can just managed to see the movie I'd be a lot happier.
from chromemm :
heh maybe he learned to develop that smile from talking to so many celebrities who desire sometime around him and mostly his mansion and gets that smile on his face to make everything seem ok when in reality he probably can't stand the person....but they ARE a celebrity after all....heh
from the-lacuna :
I can't even begin to tell you how much I used to love those book fairs (which eventually turned into book order-from-this-catalog) as a kid. I suppose that since my mom "never had any money" for my to buy books, I wound up later on in life being a book NUT. It's probably one of my wife's biggest gripes. I see running out of bookshelf space as a good thing (time to get more bookshelves!) while she just gets a bit annoyed. Oh well.
from sadkitten816 :
Hi...I just stumbled on your diary and wanted to say that you're living the life I dream to someday soon...people look at me funny when I tell them my life goal is to be a housewife. I know it won't always be easy...I'm not that naive...but what I wouldn't give to be where you are right now. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you're wasting your life, and don't ever take it for granted...not all of us girls want our own careers...some of us would kill to live the life you're leading right now. I'm sure I'll be back to read more. Thanks for listening. :) ~Juliet/SadKitten
from scud :
i dunno it's supposed to go nation wide this weekend, i'm sure it'll show up even in your podunk town.
from chromemm :
hah, I wouldn't call that brilliant by far, but thank you so much for your compliment....and I was really touched and moved by yours. I'm truely sorry to hear about your past and I do agree...if its forced on her, she'll neverunderstand it. So instead she sees your mother in a completely different light then you and your other siblings...its the blind ignorance aloted to the baby of a large family. Some day she'll grow up and quite possibly learn...she just won't do it easily or quickly.
from ms-m :
If I can help but one child. ~tears up~ Just remember the whole bunny rabbit loops - it makes it fun for the whole family!
from crystal42 :
Hey, I'm just glad to know I'm not the only mom that feels like I'm being pulled apart! I feel for ya, hon! BTW, I'm also a CM consultant! Just joined.
from ophelia613 :
Just read ALternamommy101, it was great! You should have your own column in a paper, you're so funny! Happy Days!
from sean1129 :
Re: IC1, I gotta say I disagree with the judges vote... I couldn't decide between you or july as best, but I think your two were definitely the two best... g'luck next time :)
from meowth2007 :
Hey I love your site. Keep up the great work.
from racer96 :
Well, we can't exactly bring all you survivors in at one time, since you're all scattered about the world in the first place. :D But have some fun on the island. Mike (racer96)
from scatcat :
Wow. New perspective, always smacks me upside da head. ~watching the pretty birdies~ The list of favorite entries is extremely engrossing.
from sinnamon :
heya, welcome to ds4, congrats on getting in and good luck! :D
from catnapn :
I was just looking at your alternamommy101 things about yourself and saw that you lived in MS and were married in Harrison County. I live there! Small world, huh?
from frank :
Weezer IS geek-rock, it's ok. :) I'm a dork and proud!
from ohmygord :
I was going about doing my normal diary stuff... and i came across an ad for your diary. The ad was nice and clean and orginized, so i came. Here i am. I read a few of your entries, i liked what i read too.. it's been a long time since i found a good diary... so rock on to you! ^_^ After i read for a bit, i made my way to your profile... and i went down to favorite music.. and i read "Barenaked Ladies" and now, i love you and your diary even more. and by the way, what does your husband do?? -kb
from soccermom3 :
Hey! I came upon your diary and thought I'd stop to say 'Hello'! :)
from catnapn :
Loved the online quizzes! And your layout, too. I'll definately be back.
from neurotic-one :
You'll need to go to Maine in late September for the beautiful colors......October and the leaves will be on the ground. My granddaugther loves for me too tell her the story of when I was a little girl in Maine. I had to pee and pee'd in the woods, off the road. When I looked up, I was staring at a Moose!
from mammapeg :
Just read some of youe notes. Love your diary. I too love being a Mom. The wife part is a little dull (if you know what I mean). Any pointers?
from mammapeg :
Just read some of youe notes. Love your diary. I too love being a Mom. The wife part is a little dull (if you know what I mean). Any pointers?
from frank :
I had to say thank you for posting the link to - I know it was a long time ago, but I just started reading your archives. I'm newly married and we're starting planning for our family, and had I not seen that website I would have been stupid enough to let someone mutilate my sons. So THANK YOU THANK YOU! :)
from cainnum :
yeah i've seen the floating randy heads. a little creepy. good luck with the survivor thingy.
from frozen-angel :
you are too funny!I love your writing! ummmm...thats all!
from smallraven :
Just thought I'd drop a note to say I enjoy your journal and I can relate to the "un-political" choice of liking house and home. I am actually a feminist and the best thing ever said to me was from an older second wave friend who said, "We fought hard to be able to make a choice for us to be *able* to go into the work place if we *wanted* to. It's your right to stay home and keep house and take care of children too, that's a choice as well." I don't have kids yet (I'm 23) but it's nice to see mommies with an attitude. Believe it or not, there's a lot of pro-feminist feeling about staying home. <A HREF=""><b> Boggans </b> </a> of the world unite!
from magpiesnest :
Um, even though I've never mentioned it in my diary... I have the DVD of Chasing Amy. How did they *know?* See you on the island. :)
from shine81 :
hey, like your design. ;o)
from gofigure :
The ballpoint pen in the laundry issue... I am so sorry! Ugh. I use this stuff I got at the grocery store in the detergen aisle. It's called Carbona and it comes in a tiny yellow bottle. They make different solutions for different stains, i.e. ink, rust, grass, blood, etc. I've used both the rust and ink removers and they're great. Just a little unpaid testimonial!
from gingerbug :
Hi, fellow D-survivor contestant! Just thought I'd pop in and congratulate :)
from kitchenlogic :
Hey! Congrats on making it into DS4!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you in action!!!!
from shibbyreview :
Be reviewed!
from thecrankyone :
Hey thanks for stoppying by the old guestbook. I've been rather ignoring of this place lately.. I am trying to catch up but it might be awhle.. btw. both Maurice Sendack and Shel Silverstein (who's poetry I love) are in my sons book shelf.. some people are just so insecure in their ideas that anything which might contradict them has to be banned.. stupid forks.. (for lack of a more appropriate term.. :)..
from blue-parade :
Hi there! Thanks for checking out my diary, and for the plug in your diary. I don't think I'd ever stumbled across your diary before, but it is really great! I love your layout, and what I've read of your writing, it is excellent too. Good work!
from nacwolin :
Came to your diary through a banner - I really like your layout. Didn't really get to read anything this time (not that I didn't want to, just out of time), but I will try to come back soon :-).
from astralounge :
Why thank you. :) For what it's worth, I'm twice that age now and still struggling. Just because I knew enough to tell myself that then doesn't mean I know enough to believe it now. :)
from lydibug :
I followed your ADORABLE link over here and fell in love with your layout. CUTE x 200!! I love it. Full Moon is the most precious group of images and layouts I have ever seen. I love it I love it I love it.
from shereen :
from shereen :
but...but...he could win BIG MONEY at one of the 70 million casinos down there!
from shereen :
hey, i live an hour from the ms gulf your hubby at Keesler?
from cainnum :
yay! i love rufus! april fools is my fav song. weetabix is good, but only in small portions i think.
from grouse :
"Grice." Now that gave me a good chuckle this morning. Once the wife feels well enough to stir around, I'll have to go up and tell her. Thanks.
from kitchenlogic :
Thanks so much for pointing out my error! It's all fixed now. You're the best!
from jenne1017 :
LOL :o)
from mommywannabe :
Wow... I was scared just READING your entry. Feeling scared is the worst. I'm sorry you feel unsafe in your neighborhood. We live in an apartment, but we are lucky that it is safe, and quiet. It's an expensive apartment, and we sometimes think of moving, but I don't want to live somewhere that is loud and/or unsafe. It's worth the extra money to me to feel safe. Good luck!!!
from ann-frank :
Yes! saw the banner had to click and I do love the layout and of course the content, but the banner IS what got me to click, of course!
from fifties-doll :
Love your layout!! just adorable.
from kitchenlogic :
Hi Joanna - I'm glad I could add a little lightness to your day today. I'm keeping myself as far away from the t.v. as I possibly can!
from vnichols :
"sheeple." somehow I've never heard that one before. you are hereby notified that i'm stealing it :)
from diaryreviews :
Hello, this is Michelle from Diary Reviews. I have reviewed your diary -- please click this link to view the review -- -- Also, you qualify for the 90+ and above diary ring (people have scored 90+ on their diary review). Good job! Thanks, Michelle
from caerula :
Hi, and thanks for the link. I haven't read your journal for a while but I do when I have time to catch up. I love the layout you have right now, by the way. And I thought that particular song was a really good choice to post today. It really hit home. Thanks.
from emystica :
You're honest and straightforward musings are refreshing. I'll be back. :)
from kjsings :
Hi. Thanks for the note. I enjoy reading your journals. I noticed you said something about new meds for anxiety. Wanted to let you know that (at least for me), Paxil has been a WONDER drug, however it's got those "sexual side effects" you talked about, but at least for me... what used to set me off to hours of stress and worry I can now let go. Good luck with everything.
from jenne1017 :
thanks for the support. I feel less like sulking now. I think 3 days was enough. Plus I have walking to think about now ;o) Thanks for listening to Kathy. Not many do, you know, because she's nuts and all!
from miss-katie :
**gold star** for you! Yeah, I seem to forget which words are in normal people's vocabulary and which ones I should explain in order to avoid being a total bore. And sucky-roo about the medicines. Psych medicines are such a pain. My mom's bipolar meds have gotten so screwed up that they might have to put her in an inpatient place in Kansas for two weeks to figure everything out. Sigh. I ramble too. And I put incredibly personal family information in the guestbooks of strangers. Hi.
from miss-katie :
It's okay that your suture came out. The ones under the skin are absorbable and they go away on their own, except sometimes they come out. It's called "spitting sutures." Which is a disgusting phrase but yeah. And the entry I'm talking about is OLD but anyway. My fiance's working and I'm lonely and scouring d-land. So yeah. Sutures. Fine. I like your diary, by the way...
from tigressa :
I got to your diary by clicking on a banner ad, and to be honest, I was expecting a stereotypical "let's drive to the church bake sale in my minivan" homemaker diary, but you've got a lot of good stuff in here. I'll be back for sure. :)
from kitchenlogic :
Oh man, talk about slow! I just updated the DIBS list at Kitchen Logic and gave you who you wanted. Enjoy!
from sunshine831 :
Love the template. I enjoyed reading through your diary. I will be back for more. I didn't read enough to know whether or not you got your kids a hamster. I have three hamsters. They are awesome pets. :)
from ille :
from missleigh :
I like the new template alot! It's cute.
from chikbeatnik :
i want to ask you something... but i don't want to post it on here. can you IM or email me, please? thank you so much. -xoxo- kristen
from greenwitch :
Geeze, the new template was a bit of a shock. It is OK though. I have been reading you for a while and have found your insights and observations fun. Keep up the good work!
from littlemummy :
What a powerful entry. I fully understand where you're coming from. I too, wonder what life would've been like and I also wonder what the heck I'm going to do once the kids are in school. Ack. I enjoy your diary.
from loveishere :
because love is all we need
from mechanica :
Hey, i clicked on your banner. I saw Mosters Ball the other day, i thought it was poo. Nice site by the way :)
from glowstarz :
i love the little prince!! i have the exact copy of the book you showed in your site!! it's cool!!
from easysecond :
I ADORE the Little Prince. And you, of course.
from mamaness :
ROFL! Yes I want to see what Andrew looks like too! I picture him as steve from blues clues. Partially because of the music thing I guess, and after seeing steve's webpage they sound alike. I really need to see this guy. heh.
from mandypandy83 :
Yeah, the whole I-Screwed-Myself-Out-Of-Every-Option-In-Life thing...I feel that one already. Except mine was a little more recent. Anyways, I was browsing through the diaryrings due to this phenomenon Random Guestbook Signing Week, and came across yours. I have several times in the past actually. You have a great diary, and the layout right now is super cute. Hope your weekend is great!
from mamaness :
You probably just missed the one entry I really said it in. ;) I have a seperate pregnancy journal so that people who don't want to read about it (or aren't up to it on certain days) don't have to.
from wonderwall :
wow, i have been reading for a while tonight, and i really really love your diary. in hopes of being a mother someday, i really hope that i can learn from my mom-- and you share some of her best qualities-- your patience and understanding, as well as a keen sense of humor. you're an excellent writer, and i adore your layout. i love that quote from the little prince with all my heart, i used it for a journaling project for an honors seminar is school as the theme of my journal. :) anyway... ill be back for more.
from lumehelbeke :
I'v been trying to email you but I get your emails returned. It is about lasic eye surgery! Diana
from dieren :
You're an Allende fan? Me, too. :) I want to tackle one of her books in Spanish this summer, just for kicks.
from dlandcaward :
Hey there, just thought you might like to take part in the Diaryland Choice Awards **. Just another little site to add a little fun to Diaryland. Take care!
from djelighoti :
I have gotten such a kick out of reading your stuff. You make me smile - if I had kids I think I might be you...
from goodsandwich :
Good luck with the IVF journey, and healing up from all the hideous experiences the GYN world seems to insist on putting us women through. I bet you deserve better than what you've gotten so far. And good luck getting the hell out of the military!
from coolassaward :
Hi from Cool Chicks! Want to nominated someone for a Cool Chick Award? Come see what we are about.
from suburbangoth :
heh.....that's quite an extensive list there. i'm a nebraskan also......and i was in "election." *shudders* i'm digging your layout.
from memnoch-thed :
Hey there, Thanx for the note. Yes, I enjoyed your diary and have added you to my favorites list. Hope that you continue to visit my updates as well.
from attymonkey :
Best of luck having a baby. I dig your journal ... great picture and taste in books and movies.
from umbranycta :
I'm so sorry to hear that there's such a small chance for another baby. *hugs* I know you'll find a way, though... Misty Lindblom
from ghostfox :
Hi, just wanted to say I like your writing - you're honest and I like that. I've always loved that Starry Night painting too so it was nice to see it :)
from not-a-barbie :
Your entry today brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you that Michael is home and that he made it home for Kate's birthday. :)
from lucasmommy :
I've just started reading your diary, but I love it. I love that I can see the you behind the words that you write. I've had some of the same feeling you express. Last year I went through a horrible, debilitating depression & I remember feeling like I just needed someone to take everything off my hands, just for a day. I'm recovered now...but I'll never forget that desperation. I'll keep reading...I really enjoy your diary.
from kat001 :
I know just how you feel. I have had so many nights where I just wanted to sit down and cry. It's so hard when there is no one around to support you when you need it the most. If I were there I would get you a good sitter and take you out even if it was just for coffee. You need a break!
from murmurgrrrl :
i love your diary. and, i too, love shopping -- grocery shopping, too. i so understand the list and feeling of accomplishment and you slash out the items you find. hurrah for that. and yay for cuppie cakes :) laura f murmurgrrrl
from lacorneille :
Welcome to the Alan Rickman diaryring!
from minipops :
oh, those photos are just gorgeous. merry christmas to you and yours, Jo. xo tones
from interview :
Hi! We've started a new diaryring for those who have been interviewed. It's by invitation only...and we'd like to invite you: - thanks and bye for now, Gingerbug
from espagnola71 :
Good for your girl!!! If I ever have a daughter, I would like her to react just like yours did. :-)
from sweetmama :
Hi! I just figured out how to apply! Sorry! By the way, I love your diary!
from sweetmama :
Hi! I would like to join your diary ring. I am an attachment parenting mama. How do I go about joining your ring? My e-mail address is [email protected]
from gingerbug :
Hi there. I would like to invite you to be interviewed. Check the URL or get in touch for more details if you�re interested. (The Interview site is at:
from motherlode :
Jamie Oliver is a cute blonde drumming manboy with pouty kissable lips who loves to cook and entertain. How could one not want to dibs him. Emeril rocks, but reminds me of my stepdad. So no dibsing, because that would be weird. Thanks for all the shout-outs recently. Mariah Carey is soooo ewwwwww.
from alasknmom :
:) I actually have my diary at but I must have signed up here so I could add ppl to my list. I enjoy reading what you write... :) and plan to check in daily. ~Rachel from TW
from frenchpress :
i like your diary

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